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My Scratch Game/Challenges & Core Competency Reflection

My Game: My Two Challenges: – Drawing tool I made – Magic Cat (8 Ball)   This core competency reflection…

Core Competency Reflections – P.E. 9 – Community Connection

This core competency reflection is based on my Community Connection project.

Community Connection

Interviewee: James Role: Accountant Responsibilities: bookkeeping, payroll, creating financial statement packages   I interviewed James Mycek, because both he and…

The Stanford Prison Experiment – Vsauce

  The video I have chosen for my introduction assignment is “The Stanford Prison Experiment,” by Michael “Vsauce” Stevens. I…

Song Write – Fly me to the Moon

Portfolio Assignment – Toolbar

Core Competencies Reflection – P.E. 9 – My Personal Health and Wellness

This core competency reflection is based on my Personal Health and Wellness plan.

Core Competency Reflections – ADL 10 – Digital Footprint

This core competency reflection is based on my Digital Footprint project.

My Chemical: Acetate

(Download document for optimal viewing)

Power Solution Fluency

DEFINE Our goal is to make a house that is completely solar powered with geothermal heating and cooling, making the…

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