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Pay It Forward

Complete Before Paying it Forward: In the space below, please tell me what your thoughts are on “paying it forward.”…

Wise Word Wednesday #5 (embed feature not working currently; will update once it does) Today, Mr. Romani presented us with a video motivating…

Characterization Assignment


Credit Card Basics – What I learned

Notes: -Annual interests rates (APR) set by banks are quite high -Credit cards are always worth using if you can…

Wise Word Wednesday #4

In this week’s Wise Word Wednesday, we were assigned a motivational video featuring entrepreneur billionaire Elon Musk. It demonstrates that…

Genetic Engineering Essay

(Download file for ideal viewing)

Historical Significance of the Winnipeg General Strike

Wise Word Wednesday #3

For this weeks Wise Word Wednesday, Mr. Romani assigned us this video. It informs the viewer that solutions should be…

Financial Future Project

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What are employers looking for?

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