Complete Before Paying it Forward: In the space below, please tell me what your thoughts are on “paying it forward.” Do you think this can change someone’s life? Can this movement change the world? Do people pay it forward a lot in today’s society? Why/why not? (one paragraph minimum – 5+ full sentences)

Answer: I believe paying it forward is a good idea. To help someone out with the sole goal of hoping that they help others out is a noble cause to do good in the world. While this can change lives in some cases, I don’t think it needs to change lives to be justifiable. Even if somebody’s week or day is improved, that is better than their day remaining stagnant. I believe that people pay it forward in society more often than those who critique the modern era give them credit for. Even something as small as opening a door for a friend could be seen as paying it forward, as the criteria only entails it being a favour for the sake of helping others. I am not sure if it can change the world, but as long as it can change someone’s mood for a while- even if temporarily- it has purpose.


Complete After Paying it Forward: In the space below, please tell me how you ended up “paying it forward” in your community and why you ended up picking this method. Do you think it made a difference? How did “paying it forward” make you feel afterwards? (one paragraph minimum – 5+ full sentences)

Answer: I payed it forward in my community by biking down to the post office to deliver a letter for my brother. He isn’t able to drive at the moment, so I offered to take his letter for him because his only means of transport would’ve been by foot, as my bike is too small for him. I chose to do this without really thinking of the pay it forward project, it was just a nice favor I could do for him while getting exercise and taking a break from schoolwork. I felt pretty good paying it forward, because my brother was grateful for my efforts and I was successful in the task. While the difference it made probably wasn’t very substantial, perhaps he did a favour for someone else that I’m not aware of because of his good mood. Then, the cycle of favours could continue for a while. Even if that wasn’t the case, I don’t regret doing it, because there’s no way it did any harm, even if it didn’t do extraordinary things for the world.