Workplace Safety

3 things I will do to stay safe at work

-Wear all protective gears (ex. non slip shoes) necessary

-Decline unsafe work

-Ask questions if I don’t know how to do something



2 things I will do to keep others safe at work

-Report hazardous things (such as sharp edges, spills)

-Keep an eye on them to make sure my co workers know how to work in a safe manner



Which story resonates most with you?

The restaurant story with the person slipping with the bucket of hot oil



I made the most connections with this story because at my workplace (A&W), there was an incident a while back where an employee slipped on a wet floor and hurt her back. Here, I made the connection that between the 2 incidents, a wet floor was involved (a factor for both incidents)


What can you learn from their workplace accident?

I learned that I can reject unsafe work, and that I should always check if the floors are wet when carrying things.

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