Science experiment summery

In this asctivity we used a device called a vander graph generator, the machine has a spinning piece of fabric that creates static electricity at the top of the device. I learned that static electricity is very powerful and can be created very easily, I learned that it is attracted to the ground so there needs to be an insulator underneath so they the charge stays in the person. I liked the experiment where the paper flew from the table to the hand because it shows the real power of static electricity and it gives me a good visual of what it can do. I think that this activity was good because we got a chance to learn something new while having fun a time at the same time.

Science experiment summery

In this lab, we had 6 test tubes per group, in each test tube we poured 5ml of starch solution and one drop of iodine. Then we proceeded to add a different type of pop/juice in to each of the test tubes. This is what they looked like before the juices were added.


We poured the drinks in order starting from left to right, the first substance was pure Vitamen C, this substance had no particular smell and was completely clear, after we mixed it in we noticed that the substance turned from blue to clear again. The second substance was blueberry juice, this substance was red and smelled like fruits its daily vitamin C content was 15%, after we poured it in we noticed that the substance got more clear, after some time we noticed that the liquid turned pink. The third substance was strawberry banana juice, this substance was a thick orange substance that smelled like oranges, daily Vitamen C content was 80%, after inserted the substnce turned into a greyish turquoise substance. The fourth substance was 7up, this substance looked like bubbly water and smelled like lemons, 0% vitamin C, after inserted we saw that there was absolutely no change. The fifth substance was iced tea, this substance had a light yellow tint and smelled like lemons, Vitamen C 140%, after inserted we noticed that th substance went completely clear with a very slight blue tint. The sixth and last substance was Blue Gatorade, vitamin C 0%, after inserted the liquid turned slightly clearer. This is a picture after the experiment.


After the experiment we noticed that the more calcium C these substances had, the clearer the liquid got.



Digital footprint

Digital footprint.

How does it affect your future/career.
When employers are looking to hire you they don’t just if your qualified they look if you can work well with others or if you have had any future problems that could maybe reflect in your work. So having a positive digital footprint could negatively or positively influence wether you get hired or not, for example if the company finds an image of you doing drugs, even if you are not the same person anymore they are definitely going use it against you.

How to keep a positive footprint.
• Don’t let your emotions control what you post online
• Think ahead before posting anything
• Ask family or friends if it is appropriate to post
• Don’t go on any sites that you wouldn’t be comfortable going on with your mom beside you.

Advice to future grade nines.
To all of the grade nines I suggest not rushing to post something and think try thinking it through before posting.img_0140 img_0136