“Character Sketch” based on Smitty form “Two Fishermen”

Peiran Qi

English 11

Mr. Barazzoul

18th September 2017

“Character Sketch” based on Smitty form “Two Fishermen”

Smitty is a middle age hangman who always travel from place to place. Smitty is a mild, harmless-looking little guy. He is very short, even his fourteen years old son is taller than him. Smitty has a big family, includes he, his wife and 5 children. He has a low-income, so he has to catch fish in his spare time. Although he is very poor, he is responsible for his promise. Smitty told Michael that he promised his wife that he’ll catch some fish, and he truly worked on it till dawn.

Smitty is a hopeful and friendly man. Because of his job, Smitty was living in a lonely situation, no one wants to be alone with him. However, he was still pursuing for friendship. When Michael was fishing with him, he was trying to be friend with Michael eagerly. On the other hand, Smitty felt shame for his job, though he did show it external. When Michael said hangman is a disagreeable job, Smitty did not answer for a long time, and he said he just used to this job, he doesn’t like it. Smitty is not superstition. His strength is fishing, also he is a kind and responsible for his family.