Inquiry for the “What Do You Remember of The Evacuation

How does extreme racism effect people in suffering?

In the poem “What Do You Remember Of The Evacuation” by Joy Kogawa, the author was experienced suffering from extreme racism in many ways. She proud of that she is a Japanese, before she got hurt from extreme racism, but there are some one discriminated her: “And I remember the puzzle of Lorraine Life who said “Don’t insult me” when I pound wrote my name in Japanese”.  When she was a young child, she saw her parents were in lower status with others: ”And I remember how careful my parents were”, it shows her parents tried to let her avoid from extreme racism, and won’t let her know that Japanese status is lower. After she suffer extreme racism, she shamed with her self, “ I prayed to the God who loves all the  children in his sight that I might be white”. She felt inferior with herself.

When author was young.  She was evacuated from Japan to Canada. During this period, she experienced family broke up, discrimination and  extreme racism. People abandoning everything, leaving pets, after the evacuation, she wanted to be white people despite how wars cruel are and when war is outbreak may lead  extreme racism.

Theme: Despite the horrible experience in evacuation, and the racism after it.