The Chinese Feature——Legend House

The Legend House is one of Chinese restaurants in Coquitlam. It is delicious, cheap and warm. Walk in the restaurant, you will see many sparkle ceilings. After we set down, there is a waiter come and ask “may I make an order for you?” It is not a big restaurant but you can feel warm in here.  My favorite food is the soup-filled dumplings which they called as xiao long bao. Because this is a Chinese restaurant, the tableware you can use are chopsticks and spoons. When you using chopsticks to put one up, remember press the top of dumpling, if you don’t the soup will shoot out. I tried to by my hand, it is hot and soft.

Another favourite meal is Szechuan Broth Braised Fish. You can see all of it is spicy soup with vegetable and white, soft fish in a big bowl. The fish are hided in vegetable, when you use spoon to scoop the fish, it just like finding spirit in the forest.

One more dish that I favorite is the spicy and tangy dumplings. The spicy and tangy soup that comes with these dumplings is so aromatic and the taste is like a warm, spicy, and tangy vinegar. The dumplings are delicious as well with a nice thick and chewy skin over a tasty bundle of meat.

I went here with my friends for dinner for the birthday party and we were surprised to find such unbeatable dinner prices. We ordered five dishes to share between us and paid a total of $33 for all of them. That almost beats food court prices!

Last time I went there for a birthday dinner with my friends. This restaurant is not quiet, if you have a date here, I don’t think is a good choice, but if you want to enjoy the delicious food or invite friends to have a party, it is the right place.