DOAS Monologues

I am an aging salesman who believes in American Dream, and I will achieve prosperity by hard work. However, I have been fired by Howard my boss. I was suffering from depression and anxiety as a result of my dissipating career, and my estranged relationship with my oldest son Biff. I’m the main source of income, if I lost my job, it also means that I lost my family’s future. Therefore, I suicided myself in order to diddled the insurance company by making a claim.

Blackout Poem-“When I Consider How My Life Is Spent”

The poem “When I Consider How My Life Is Spent” by John Milton has a deeper meaning that readers need to think about. The poem is telling the story of a man who went blind in this vast world, his talent are dead or considered useless. However, he still wants to serve God and tell his story. He was considering about that does God care if a person work when he/she can’t see. A person called Patience told him that God does not care about if people work or carry onw load, it is how people carry their life. Although this person’s present is powerful, the speaker still believe that people should stand in a state of readiness until they are needed though they can not use their gifts. The theme of this poem would be that people should always believe that they are useful for God, though they are disability. This poem gives people power to life especially the people who is disability. The author used personification, for example, “But patience to prevent”, patience can not prevent, he imaged patience as a person. “in this dark word and wild”, he used imagery to describe a image of darkness which after he went blind. “His state Is kingly” this sentence was in two line, the author used enjambment.

“Lord of the Flies” – Island Description

1.) Jungle
“Trees, forced by the damp heat, found too little soil for full growth, fell early and decayed: creepers cradled them, and new saplings searched a way up.”

2.) Scar

“All round him the long scar smashed into the jungle was a bath of heat”

3. Mountain
“They were on the lip of a circular hollow in the side of the mountain. This was filled with a blue flower, a rock plant of some sort, and the overflow hung down the vent and spilled lavishly among the canopy of the forest. “

4) The shape

“It was roughly boat-shaped: humped near this end with behind them the jumbled descent to the shore”.

 5) The reef

“The reef enclosed more than one side of the island, lying perhaps a mile out and parallel to what they now thought of as their beach”

6) What covers the island

“On either side rocks, cliffs, treetops and a steep slope: forward there, the length of the boat, a tamer descent, tree-clad, with hints of pink: and then the jungle flat of the island, dense green, but drawn at the end to a pink tail”.

7The home of the “beastie”

“They swarmed across the bridge and soon were climbing and shouting.”

8Where the shelters are built

“The first thing we ought to have made was shelters down there by the beach.”


“Within the irregular arc of coral the lagoon was still as a mountain lake—blue of all shades and shadowy green and purple”

10Site where Ralph and Piggy find the conch

“Ralph had stopped smiling and was pointing into the lagoon. Something
creamy lay among the ferny weeds.”

“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” Narrative

Peiran Qi

English 11

4th October 2017

Mr. Barazzoul


“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” Narrative

“He took one last drag on his cigarette and snapped it away. Then with that faint, fleeting smile playing about his lips, he faced the firing squad; erect and motionless, proud and disdainful, Walter Mitty the Undefeated, inscrutable to the last.” 

When the firing squad are preparing to shooting him, Mitty closes his eyes. He is thinking about his whole life, there are many things are not done yet. “I mustn’t die in here,” mumbles Mitty, “I have to get away from this damn execution ground, but how?” The members of firing squad stand in a horizontal line in front of Mitty. “Ready! Fire!” “BOOM BOOM BOOM …” The gun-shooting makes pandemonium as the bullets fly off the gun’s chamber. Now, the most magical and inscrutable thing happens. All of the bullets are missed, none of them hits Walter Mitty. “Next turn! Ready…” “It is a chance,” Mitty is thinking, “Yes, it is the last chance, I must escape now!” “Fire!” Quick as lighting, Mitty bolts to the wall of the execution ground and climbs on it. His arms are lacerated by barbed wire, but he doesn’t have time to clean wounds, the only thing he is thinking about is shake off the firing squad. Mitty runs into a community, he still can hear the voice of those police who are yelling his name. Cross over the community, there is a wide road stops him. The traffic light turns green, all of the car in the road are running like the distraught buffaloes. Walter Mitty is haggard, but when he notices that there is woman police is chasing him, he uses the last power of his body jumping into the road…


“Oh my god! Walter! What are you doing,” says Mrs. Mitty.

“I was chasing you for about 5 blocks and you are killing yourself now!”

“I am not killing myself..”

“Thanks god, the track didn’t hurt you.”

Mrs. Mitty pulls Walter into the car. “It is embarrassing, because everyone in the road is looking at us,” says Mrs. Mitty. Walter is driving and says nothing. When he is driving on the high way, there is a racing car which goes straight ahead and trying to overtook him. Acceleration is accompanied by a resonating growl from the gearbox, the engine roared, and the vehicle leapt forward…


“The fugitive is on NO.15 High Way! Again! The fugitive is on NO.15 High Way!” “Copy that,” says Walter Mitty, the best police officer in this city. Mitty accelerates up and keeps his car beside the fugitive’s racing car. He speaks with a microphone: “you must slow down and stop on the side this high way or I am going to shooting you!” The fugitive cast a cursory glances at Mitty, and points Mitty with a handgun.

“I will shoot you before you do!”


The fugitive howled like a wounded animal as blood spurts from his shoulder. Those to cars stop in the center of the high way. Walter Mitty walks to the fugitive, and snaps handcuffs around the fugitive’s wrists. “You have right to keep silent, but every word that you said will be as the testimony in the court,” says the police officer, Walter Mitty.



Plot Point Photo Compilation

The goal of this project is to provide photos to represent the quotes from each plot points of the short story “Father and Son” by Bernard McLaverty. This story is talking about the relationship of a father and his son. The father lost his wife, which means the son lost his mother. The father wants to take care of his son, but the son doesn’t want to talk with him. In this story, the relationship of the father and the son is totally broken, and they have no chance to fix it.

1 )Exposition

Quote: “Because I do not sleep well I hear my father raising to go to work. I know that in a few minutes he will come in to look at me sleeping.” (pg. 165)

Explanation: This quote reflects that the father is trying to protect his son, but the son thinks that his father is monitoring him. Tells that there is some contradiction between them.

2 )Rising Action

Quote: “‘If I know what you’re doing I don’t worry as much.’ ‘Shit.'” (pg. 165)

Explanation: The son doesn’t want to communicate with father, so the father doesn’t know where the son goes. This is rising action because it created a depressive mood and shows how broken their relationship is.

3)Rising Action

Quote: “Your fingers, orange with nicotine. I pulled you away from death once and now you will not talk to me.”(pg. 166)

Explanation: This quote shows that the son took drugs before, and he nearly died. This is rising action because it gives the background of son’s life, showing one of seasons of their contradiction.

4 )Rising Action

Quote: “The door swings open and he pushes a hand-gun beneath the pillow. Seen long enough, black and squat, dull like a garden slug.  ‘What’s that? Under your pillow?’ ‘It’s none of your business.'” (pg. 169)

Explanation: When the father is going to apologize to his son, he find his son is hiding a hand-gun into his pillow. This is rising action because it creates the further depressive mood between father and son. It does foreshadowing for following content.

5 )Rising Action

Quote: “Voices in the hallway.” (pg. 169)

Explanation: The father hears the voice during the son is answering the door to some friends. This is rising action because it leads to the gun-shoot as the climax.

6 )Climax

Quote: “My son is lying on the floor, his head on the bottom stair, his feet on the threshold.” (pg. 169)

Explanation: His son died from falling down on the floor. This is the climax because it takes the story to the most interesting part and it indicating that the story is about to end.

7 )Falling Action

Quote: “‘Are you hurt?’ Blood is spilling from his nose.” (pg. 169)

Explanation: The bloods comes out shows that the son is about to die. It is falling action because it helps readers to guess what happens in the end.

8 )Denouement

Quote: “I take my son’s limp head in my hands and see a hole in his nose that should not be there”(pg. 169)

Explanation: The sentence “a hole in his nose that should not be there”, tells that the father finds his son is died. It is denouement because readers get a completely conclusion of the story.


Capital Punishment in “Two Fishermen”

The capital punishment (death penalty) is a punishment of killing someone for crime. There are many kinds of death penalty which is inhuman in ancient world. During the development of society, capital punishment is getting more and more humanistic. And now, most of countries canceled death penalty. In Canada, the death penalty started with crimes of murder, treason and rape. In 1914, there was a plan of cancel the death penalty, but it was unsuccessful. In 1962, the last execution took place in Canada and Capital punishment was limited to the killing of on-duty police officers and prison guards, in 1966. After a long period of discussion, the death penalty was abolished in 2001.  In the story “Two Fishermen” by Morley Callaghan, Thomas Delaney was hanged because he killed his wife’s molester, assume the setting is in Canada, then it may happened around 1930 because during that time, crimes will be killed for murder.

In the story “Two Fishermen” by Morley Callaghan, Thomas Delaney became a murder because he killed the man who was trying to molest his wife. His act showed that his was trying to protect his wife and it is for justice. Based on the context, Thomas Delaney is not a person who will hurt others initiatively, therefore the action of molesting is the reason of he against the molester. I believe that he should be punished and reflect on his mistakes but he shouldn’t be hanged.


Reducing Rational Expression

“Reducing Rational Expression” is similar with “Simplify” which means cancel out the same factors and terms. For example, the factor below has two same terms “(x-1)”, so we can cross them out to become the simple term—– – x+2/x+3.

Because the denominator can not be zero, x can’t equal to 1 or -3.

Factors are multiplied

Terms are added subtracted