To My Grade 11 self

Throughout my English 10 class, I’m proud that I can speak up in front of people, that is a big step I have made. Of course it does not good enough, I will practice more and more in next semester. After this year’s English lessens, I saw how my English have improved. One thing I need to improve is reading, I enjoy to reading stories but I’m not good at analyze them. I should reading more books in free time. Sometimes I’m lazy, therefore I missed or forgot some projects, that is the most problem I ever had, it also is the problem I should deal with in next semester. In conclusion, it is a interesting class and has a awesome teacher.

Shakespeare Reflection

During this workshop, I learned that poem has no limitation. Different people have different thoughts, for example, the last day we matched words in sentences. We switched order and the meaning was changed, even some sentences are not that make sense but we still can feel the emotion. Another example, we read Shakespeare’s sentences in two different tones then showed two different meanings—Romantic and Indignation. I think the emotion is more important than the meaning of words. Therefore we should speak out poetry in our own words.


Inquiry for the “What Do You Remember of The Evacuation

How does extreme racism effect people in suffering?

In the poem “What Do You Remember Of The Evacuation” by Joy Kogawa, the author was experienced suffering from extreme racism in many ways. She proud of that she is a Japanese, before she got hurt from extreme racism, but there are some one discriminated her: “And I remember the puzzle of Lorraine Life who said “Don’t insult me” when I pound wrote my name in Japanese”.  When she was a young child, she saw her parents were in lower status with others: ”And I remember how careful my parents were”, it shows her parents tried to let her avoid from extreme racism, and won’t let her know that Japanese status is lower. After she suffer extreme racism, she shamed with her self, “ I prayed to the God who loves all the  children in his sight that I might be white”. She felt inferior with herself.

When author was young.  She was evacuated from Japan to Canada. During this period, she experienced family broke up, discrimination and  extreme racism. People abandoning everything, leaving pets, after the evacuation, she wanted to be white people despite how wars cruel are and when war is outbreak may lead  extreme racism.

Theme: Despite the horrible experience in evacuation, and the racism after it.


Danger of Silence Peiran Block A

There was a star self-destruction in China, the reason is the gossip was haunting him, he can’t bear that great press so that ended his life by himself. But notable thing is, there were no one against these bad voice, even his fans. They were loving him, they were crazy for him, they by plain for hours to other province to watch his vocal concert. But when he was in trouble, where are you? When he was attached by language, where are you? When he needed supports, where are you? Though no one wants trouble, we still should stand by victim, but not be a dumb or let things drift if they do not affect your personal. The most dangerous thing is not the enemies, is the silence.

The Chinese Feature——Legend House

The Legend House is one of Chinese restaurants in Coquitlam. It is delicious, cheap and warm. Walk in the restaurant, you will see many sparkle ceilings. After we set down, there is a waiter come and ask “may I make an order for you?” It is not a big restaurant but you can feel warm in here.  My favorite food is the soup-filled dumplings which they called as xiao long bao. Because this is a Chinese restaurant, the tableware you can use are chopsticks and spoons. When you using chopsticks to put one up, remember press the top of dumpling, if you don’t the soup will shoot out. I tried to by my hand, it is hot and soft.

Another favourite meal is Szechuan Broth Braised Fish. You can see all of it is spicy soup with vegetable and white, soft fish in a big bowl. The fish are hided in vegetable, when you use spoon to scoop the fish, it just like finding spirit in the forest.

One more dish that I favorite is the spicy and tangy dumplings. The spicy and tangy soup that comes with these dumplings is so aromatic and the taste is like a warm, spicy, and tangy vinegar. The dumplings are delicious as well with a nice thick and chewy skin over a tasty bundle of meat.

I went here with my friends for dinner for the birthday party and we were surprised to find such unbeatable dinner prices. We ordered five dishes to share between us and paid a total of $33 for all of them. That almost beats food court prices!

Last time I went there for a birthday dinner with my friends. This restaurant is not quiet, if you have a date here, I don’t think is a good choice, but if you want to enjoy the delicious food or invite friends to have a party, it is the right place.


The War Between The Classes-Essay

The War Between The Classes-Essay

There are many different kinds of races, skin color, ganders and sex orientations existing in the society which we are living in. Though most people are appealing equality as much as they can, but discrimination is still hiding in our life. Especially the racial discriminate is mutual in each races. In the book “The War Between The Classes”, white rich men discriminate other races people. However, Amy’s father—–a Japanese man also prejudice white people. Two races are not accept each other. Because of any reasons, majority grope discriminate minority grope. This situation mad the hate and prejudice are sowed in minorities’ heart deeply. So that two gropes started grown apart. Majority grope and minority grope were prejudicing and discriminating each other. In the book “The War Between The Classes”, many details show that not only majorities discriminate minorities, but also they were prejudiced by minorities.

Writer didn’t show strangely that majority grope discriminates minority grope, but there are some details can tell us that this situation is existent even in a school. On the page 31, “For that matter,” the teacher continued, his attention back to the class, “How many of your black students have Latino or white friends? Friends, not acquaintances? And how many of you Latinos have black friends?” In the book “The War Between The Classes”, these classes are not living together equally. From the teacher’s spoking, we can know easily that he partitioned students for three classes, they are black, Latino and white, and the discrimination is in the school and this situation is about majority grope discriminate minority grope. On the page 15 “He is not like us. They are all the same, these hakujin. I work with them every day.” The speaker of that is Amy’s father. We can easy to know that Amy’s father is a bigot with white people. On the other hand, that demonstrates some white people are discriminating Amy’s father, and this causes Amy’s father have prejudice for them. Discrimination is happening between at least two gropes who discriminate each other. In the book “The War Between the Classes”, majority grope is one of those gropes. The grope they discriminate is minority.

Although majorities discriminate minorities, the latter don’t want to accept this situation. In the book “The War Between The Classes”, Amy’s father have some prejudices for white people. On the page 12 “This would never happened if you had been out with a Japanese boy,” Papa went on. “A Japanese boy would have had proper respect. He would have had you home on time!” Amy’s father believes blind that Japanese boy is better than a white boy for his daughter. This shows he has prejudice for white people. From his word, he think every Japanese boys are all would have  had Amy home on time. The question is Amy’s father didn’t say “other white boys” or “other boys”, he said” Japanese boy”. So in his mind, Japanese boys are better than white boys. So he prejudice with white people. On the page18, Papa had not seen Hideo for nearly a year because Hideo had married without his consent. He had forbidden Mama and me to see him as well. As a human, if my son had married without my consent, then I will congratulate for him. Though he didn’t ask my consent, I will not forbidden my family to see him. Amy’s father’s behaver shows he has prejudices for white people. Majority grope discriminate minority grope, cause the latter produced hate and prejudices for majority. Amy’s father is good example for this. His co-workers discriminate him, so the prejudice even discrimination were born in his heart deeply.

In the book “The War Between The Classes”, because of majority grope discrimination leads that minority grope feel self-contemptuous. This emotion made minority grope deepen the hate and prejudice for majority grope. On the page 6, being the only non-white in his crowed, I didn’t always feel entirely comfortable. The word “non-white” shows Amy does mind that she is not a white people. Amy divides people with classes, they are white people and non-white people, and these two classes are not in the same status. She didn’t feel comfortable shows that she thoughts that non-white people has a lower status than white people. So she is self-contemptuous. On the page 9, “Are you one of them, or one of us? Do you know who you are and will you stand up for it, or are you gonna let everyone else call your shots?” Juan is same with Amy on this question. He thinks there are “white people” and “non-white people”. “One of them” and “one of us” show Juan thinks these two classes are apart. On the hand, he against white people, because he asks Amy stand with “us” but don’t stand with “them”. This emotion clearly shows he is trying to get in a same status with white people and avoid to be discriminated. Above all, Juan feels self-contemptuous. All minority people know that they are not the owner of where they are living, so they realized that they are not in a same level with majority people, this emotion produces self-contemptuous, and self-contemptuous breeds prejudice.


Whatever is white people, yellow people or black people. We all should equally to each other. However, characters in the book “The War Between The Classes” are not. Discrimination is growing apart them. Just like Mr. Otero said: “In a moment you’ll remove your color bands, but think how many people can’t remove theirs—their skin color, or the labels of poverty.”, it tells us that many people are living with discriminational suffers. This book shows us that discrimination is evil and contemptible, and appeals us stop it. In the book “The War Between The Classes”, writer just shows us how evil race discrimination is. However, there are not only race discrimination in the world, but also have ganders, sex orientations’ discriminations. If majority grope can’t stand in the same status with minority, the circle of discrimination will be endless.