Spoken word reflection

Favourite presentation

My favourite presentation is the poem named “Lost Time” by Ingrid Vacha. This poem was about appeal people don’t lost their time. In the beginning, Ingrid said she had calculated how many time left of her life.  She thought time is precious and we are wasting it. Finally, Ingrid called us should do something valuable. From start to final, this poem showed speaker’s the sense of urgency and she tried to transmit this emotion to listeners for encourage us save time.

I like this one because it shocked me. Before that, I was wasting l lots of time on the online game named League of Legends. I tried to wake up from this game but I don’t have determination to do that, it led me always ended in failure. Now, I felt the urgency emotion and my heart was filled by determination. This presentation helped me a lot, that’s one reason why I like it. Another reason, I had the same point that don’t lost time for a long time. Though I can’t controlled myself to leave the game, I still wanted to spend my time on something valuable. I thought there were many people are losing their time such as me, I can’t help them at all but this poem can. This presentation is helpful for us, so it is my favourite one.

If you had to perform a spoken word presentation in front of the school, what topic would you present on and why?

I present on stop the war. In the world, many places are withstanding the pain of wars. People died every minute whatever is child or adult. I had saw a picture about a refugee boy felled on the beach, he died. The war is unhuman deathly, so we should prevent it even we will exhaust the last blood.