The ending of the story ” Rules of The Game”

The ending of the story “Rules of The Game” shows, Waverly just 9 years old, wants independence from her mother.  Waverly shows this when she states. “I imagined my mother, first walking briskly down one street or another looking for me, then giving up and returning home to await my arrival. After two hours, I stood on creaking legs and slowly walked home.” This shows she ran away from home, to get away from her mother, but she came back. Waverly did not resign herself to lose, so she tried to get independence in different way. The other example is, when Waverly became a “chess star”, there is a big divergence between her and her mother. “I wish you don’t telling everybody I’m your daughter.” My mother stopped walking. This shows she wanted her keeps silence and does not t tell anyone. But her mother Lindo did agree with her, and ostentatious to everyone. Waverly was angry with her mother, so that makes Waverly wants independence from her mother. The last example is, in Waverly’s mind that sometimes her mother’s action disturbed her when she practise chess. “My mother had a habit of standing over me while I plotted out my games. I think she thought of herself as my protective ally. ‘Ma, I can’t practice when you stand here like that.’ One day I said.” This shows Waverly don’t want her mother always stood around her. She want her own area, so that made she wants independence from her mother.

Math 10 Week 4


I learned how to use and read number on micrometer. I think how to read is more important than use.

reading a micrometer

If you are facing to a number like the picture above, you should pay attention to the number above the number line of sleeve. In this picture, we just can see “4”, so write it down. Then we look at the number under the number line, we got 3 more hundredths, so it is (3*0.25). At last, the number of thimble is “8”, thousandths of an inch given by thimble, so we got”0.08″. At last is compute, 4+(3*0.25)+0.08=4.83


The Rules of Game Summary writing

Waverly Place Jong lived in San Francisco’s Chinatown with her parents. Her mother Lindo taught her many Chinese rules. The most important rule for this fiction is “The strongest wind cannot be seen”.

When Waverly was six-year-old, she was shopping with her mother, she thirsted for some salted plums, but her mother refused to buy them. The next day, Waverly keeps quiet, and her mother reward her some plum.

Waverly sets a psychological ambush for Lindo. She asked that Chinese tortures, and her mother answered: “Chinese people do many things. Chinese people do business, do medical, do painting.” And she adds: “We do tortures, best torture.”

In a Christmas party, Lindo received a gift on party, which is a used chess set. Waverly became intrigued by the rules of the game. She didn’t understand these American rules, but she researches them in library, learning moves and powers of each piece. Then she defeated her brothers easily. An old Chinese man who named Lau Po taught her more rules and tactics.

She won the local tournament repeatedly. At nine years old, Waverly became a national chess champion. Lindo announced to everyone that her daughter is a chess champion. Lindo thinks Waverly’s success is her family’s success. Waverly just want silent, so that led miscommunication between them, and Waverly is ashamed of her mother, her family and her race.

When Waverly wants less requests and more silence form Lindo, Lindo called this stupid. Waverly indignant runs away from home for half day. At the last, she remember her mother’s words: Strongest wind cannot be seen. Then she understood that she must to assert her individuality but to do so, cannot without isolating herself from her family. The rule of game is the next move always be dilemma.