Sammy Sperm Story

There is a story about Sperm named Sammy who lives in Testis. One day , Sammy wants to meet a beautiful girl named Ms. Ovum. He went to epididymis first ,and drove to Vas Deferens Highway. Ten days ago, Sammy knew a pretty who lives in a female. When Sammy saw Ms. Ovum’s picture first time, he concluded that she must is his true love. Sammy is one of hundreds millions of sperms. Now he’d decided to meet Ms. Ovum.

He droved car, and passed Vas Deferens Highway. The Lake Bladder which took many memory about his childhood appeared in his sight. Then he arrived Seminal Vesicle Dinner, and had an amazing dinner. It’s time to careered, Sammy and many other sperms were drove passed Highway quickly and careered onto Urethra Expressway. This is the only chance to live entwine with his love, now or never. They got away from  Expressway to Vagina Land. It is amazing but heavy obstacles, it just like a maze. Sammy through here successful, but many other sperms were not lucky like him, they can’t found the to exit or dead in this “maze”. When Sammy through Vagina Land, she got into a beautiful place named Uterusville. There is a big castle, and it was no one lived here. Here is comfortable and romantic, it is the best place to be a cozy home and lived here with plus one forever. Finally, Sammy found his true love in Oviduct Road. He was the first sperm who was try to met Mr. Ovum. They soon went into that castle and live together. After 10 months, they leaved Uterusville and became a human.


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