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The Final Project

by Peiran, Vince


   Cole Matthews

The main character of the novel. At the starts of the novel, Cole just is a fifteen –years old, but violently hitting and assaulting classmate caused he convicted juvenile delinquent from Minneapolis. When he was in the court, his parole officer—Garvey want to help him. Then Cole met the Circle Justice, and he was carried to a hellish island. During that time, Cole learned that everyone should not to be angry, forgive is the way to control back yourself.


   Garvey works in juvenile justice system, he let Cole into the Circle Justice and help him to heal. He is the first to propose that Cole go through Circle Justice, and even comes in to the juvenile detention center on weekends to talk to Cole and help him through difficult times, even though Cole initially shows him no respect or appreciation.


Edwin is a Tlingit Indian from Drake, Alaska who is brought in to help Cole through his time of banishment on an island by the Tlingit village of Drake. He truly wants to help Cole in his path to healing. He teaches Cole different Indian dances and routines on the island that help him to through the difficult times.


  Mr. Matthews

Mr. Matthews is Cole’s father. At first, he seems to be very generous in try to help Cole, but he is alcoholic. When he gets drunk, he used to beat Cole frequently, and this experience caused Cole’s anger. At the end of novel, Mr. Matthews was got the punishment of his action.

Mrs. Matthews

Mrs. Matthews is Cole’s mother. She is a very passive woman who always overdress for events. For these and other reasons, Cole feels very distant from her mother. When Cole’s father beat up Cole, she just simply stand passively at the side.

Peter Driscal

   Peter is Cole’s classmate who was beaten up by Cole. Cole smashing his head against the sidewall. Peter got some badly injuries and he is shy, quiet and terrified after that. He felt too anger from Cole, but that is against Cole. Afterward, Peter was healing by his own path, and forgave Cole.

   Spirit Bear

   If Cole is a central character of human, Spirit bear is a truly central character of animals. Hardly a chapter goes by without a mention of him. When Cole assaults the Spirit Bear, it violently retaliates against Cole. While the figure assumes a highly symbolic role, its real existence as a formidable beast to be reckoned with is a strong counter to Cole’s own pride and anger.



       Cole Matthews is a fifteen-year-old juvenile delinquent from Minneapolis, Minnesota. In the first few chapters, Cole beat a classmate who named Peter Driscal onto the floor of his school sidewalk, that made Peter suffers head trauma, speech problems, and constant nightmares, thus Cole got trouble with law. People think law couldn’t save him, so they decide to banish him to a hellish island. During this time, Cole take a soak in a freezing pond every morning to clear his mind of anger. Then, he take a large rock called the “ancestor rock” up to hill. Cole is healing by dancing the “animal dance” and carve totem.



In a normal day, a teenager beat up another boy beside school. One of them is named Cole. He broke law because he hit another teenager named Peter badly.

Cole banished to that island, there are nothing in here, expect mosquitoes, flies and storm. He didn’t have food and drinking water. The most terrible thing is, there is a mysterious Spirit Bear living in this island with him.

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