Expanding Universe

1. Explain what the balloon + dots represent.

The balloon represent the universe, and dots are represent which galaxies are moving farther and farther.

2.Which letter (s) moved the farther from M? Which moved the least.

The dots are closet from neck that are moved least, and the stars that farthest from neck is moved farthest.

3. Summarize the trend: movement of galaxies related to distance from M.

All of galaxies are moving farther and farther form M when the universe is expanding.

4. How does this experiment model what is occurring in our expanding universe? In what way does a balloon Not represent the universe.

This experiment model show that universe is expanding and, galaxies are moving farther and farther each other as universe expands. The balloon might pop, but universe not. The second, the one of endpoint of balloon is not expanding so fast like other part.


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