Force of Luck

This story is about two friends have a disagreement over whether it is money or luck that makes a man successful. To find out, they give $200 to a poor miller who works for a local mill. The money is taken from the miller by a hawk. When the men return, the miller tells them truthfully what has happened.

They give him another $200. The miller hides the money in a jar filled with grain, but his wife, unknowingly, trades the jar for whitewash. When the men return, the miller again tells them what has happened.

This time, one of them gives the miller a piece of lead. The miller gives the lead to a fisherman, who gives him a fish in exchange. In the fish is a piece of “glass” which turns out to be a diamond. The miller sells the diamond for $100,000 and uses the money to start his own business. The business prospers. When the men return, the miller takes them to his summer cabin. There, they find a hawk’s nest which has the original $200 in it. Later that night, the two men stop for the evening. When their horses are being fed, it is discovered that there is $200 in the bottom of the jar!

I think this story told us luck is more important than money, because the miller is luck that these whether men want to give him money and he got a diamond.

Character Sketch

The Chief is an important character in the story “The stolen letter”, because he is clever, cautious, and direct.

In the story, Chief can know what Minister’s habit is, and use that to help him to search Minister’ house, that shows Chief is a clever man.

The Chief is a caution and alert man. Because when he finished his search, he always took everything bake and eliminate traces. I think only alert and cautious people can do that.

He is a direct man, because he don’t have evidence to prove who stolen this letter but he jump to conclusion that thief is the Minister and search his house.

So Chief is a clever, alert and direct man.