Short Story #1 & Digital Story Book Assignme

Three Alpacas Fight With A Fire Dragon



In a long long ago, a big town was situating near by a mountain. This town named Sanpearouv. It has army and food. There are many people lived in here, it is more like a country than a big town. Though they are very powerful, population here also have a trouble in common that there is a Fire Dragon lived in the mountain near by the town    fire-dragon

There are many gold in the mountain which the Dragon lived in. Population want to got it, so there are many people explore to this mountain and dead by Dragon’s fire. Sanpearouv government was dispatch troops to kill the Fire Dragon. Many soldiers were dead, but they haven’t eliminate the Fire Dragon.

The King of Sanpearouv was in anxious because of the Fire Dragon. He and his secretaries weren’t know how to do about this monster at all. At this time, three swordsmen were coming. The important is they are not human, they are alpacas!


These three Alpacas were travel around the world. They would like to help Sanpearouv to eliminate the Fire Dragon. They are in brown, white and yellow. Their colour are their names. Brown used hammer. He is the capital of these three. White used sword. Yellow is a women, she used arrow.


When alpacas been Sanpearouv, they were immediately to see the King. “My Majesty, we are swordsmen who the world travel around. We would like to help you to fight with the Fire Dragon. Of cause, we need many remuneration.” the brown alpaca said. “Ok, I can give you guys money whatever you want.” The King said. “Ok, we set out tomorrow.” Brown finished his answer and turned away.


They were setting out in dawn. Brown took his hammer, White took his sword, Yellow took her arrow and some food. Some of food are for they to eat, but another are the gift for dragon. Shortly afterwards, they found Dragon’s cave. The Fire Dragon was sleeping. The brown said : “I will use my hammer to hit him and then White use your sword to cut his neck, Yellow shoot his eyes. At last, we dig out his heart.”


Brown walked up to Dragon and hit on his head. The Dragon have a screamed and put up his head. At this time, White waving sword cut on Dragon’s neck. But Dragon’s neck has flake, it didn’t hurt. And then, Yellow shoot a arrow to Dragon’s eye. Dragon pendulum head…… the arrow was missed! “Danger!” Brown shouted, but is too late. Dragon spurted fire to them


The fire was hurt Brown’s body but others were not. White was cutting Fire Dragon and Yellow was shooting. At this time, White ran to under the Dragon and pricked his stomach. The Dragon bowed head and try to bite him. At the same time, Brown jump up and pound Dragon’s head heavy. DOOOOO!!!!!!! The Fire Dragon was dizzy. “Don’t hurt me, pleas.” Dragon was speaking.



“You can speak!!!” “What’s going on???” “What did you say??!!” they can’t believe what they have listen. “In fact, I’m doesn’t a bad Dragon, I just an ordinary Dragon. I don’t want to hurt anyone but I’m living in which a mountain has gold, so many body want to kill me. I just save myself.” “So, you are not a killer dragon?” “In fact, I’m a cute dragon.” And then the “Fire Dragon” was change to a small and cute dragon.


“People want you leave here, so … can you do that?” Brown asked. “I can’t, because here is my home, I can’t leave here. But I can give gold to  people, as long as they don’t hurt me.” Dragon said. “Ok, we will talk to King.”

The three alpacas go back to Sanpearouv and took to the King. “Really? He doesn’t a bad dragon? Ok, we can save him if he doesn’t hurt population.” “So, you allow this scheme? I can lived in here?!” The fire dragon ask. “Of cause I allow.” The King nodded head. Since then the “Fire Dragon” was have a happy life with population.

But these three alpacas were leave quietly.


The End……




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