Never mind them watermelons

Never mind them watermelons

Peiran Qi

Well now, old Sam Gibb, he didn’t believe in ghosts. Not one bit. Everyone in town knew the old log cabin back in the woods was haunted, but Sam Gibb just laughed whenever folks talked about it. Finally, the blacksmith dared Sam Gibb to spend the night in the haunted log cabin. If he stayed there until dawn, the blacksmith would buy him a whole cartload of watermelons. Sam was delighted. Watermelon was Sam’s absolute favorite fruit. He accepted the dare at once, packed some matches and his pipe, and went right over to the log cabin to spend the night.

Sam went into the old log cabin, started a fire, lit his pipe, and settled into a rickety old chair with yesterday’s newspaper. As he was reading, he heard a creaking sound. Looking up, he saw that a gnarled little creature with glowing red eyes had taken the seat beside him. It had a long, forked tail, two horns on its head, claws at the ends of its hands, and sharp teeth that poked right through its large lips.

“There ain’t nobody here tonight except you and me,” the creature said to old Sam Gibb. It had a voice like the hiss of flames. Sam’s heart nearly stopped with fright. He leapt to his feet.

“There ain’t going to be nobody here but you in a minute,” Sam Gibb told the gnarled creature. He leapt straight for the nearest exit – which happened to be the window – and hi-tailed it down the lane lickety-split. He ran so fast he overtook two rabbits being chased by a coyote. But it wasn’t long before he heard the pounding of little hooves, and the gnarled creature with the red eyes caught up with him.

“You’re making pretty good speed for an old man,” said the creature to old Sam Gibb.

“Oh, I can run much faster than this,” Sam Gibb told it. He took off like a bolt of lightning, leaving the gnarled creature in the dust. As he ran passed the smithy, the blacksmith came flying out of the forge to see what was wrong.

“Never mind about them watermelons,” Sam Gibb shouted to the blacksmith without breaking his stride.

Old Sam Gibb ran all the way home and hid under his bed for the rest of the night. After that, he was a firm believer in ghosts and spooks, and he refused to go anywhere near the old cabin in the woods.

“ The lady or the tiger” paragraph Response

In the story, “the lady or the tiger”, the tiger will come out of the opened door because the princess loved the man and she don’t want to him marry others. The first reason is we know that the princess was as wild and reckless as her father, because in the story the writer told us, “She was as wild and reckless as her father”. The second reason is if the man choose the door with the lady behind it, he must marry that lady, even though he loved the princess very much, because in the story have a sentence that “Never before had a slave dared to love the daughter of the king”. That mean the man loved the princess. If he marries a lady who he doesn’t love that was grievous, if the princess loved the man, she mustn’t want man grievous. The third reason is the princess hate that lady, because she had dared to look at princess’s lover. That makes the princess don’t want the man choose the door with the lady behind it.

So the tiger behind the door.

science APP review

This APP named ” The Chemical Touch”.


Explore the properties of the elements and the standard amino acids with The Chemical Touch. A touch sensitive periodic table on one side and amino acid companion on the other, The Chemical Touch provides a wealth of information right at your fingertips. In addition to atomic mass, properties such as the density, melting point, boiling point, atomic radius, and electronegativity can be selected to recolor the periodic table to display trends in these common properties. Having exhausted the displayed information, click the internet button to see the Wikipedia page for the selected element or amino acid.


How will this APP help me in science?

This APP teaches through the periodic table. It include all kinds of element, you can find information of elements whatever you want.

Is it helpful for me?

Yes, this APP is best for students, you can touch one of these element’s icon to learn more about this element. when I use this APP, I can find information easily and comprehensive. If I can’t understand clearly, I can click the internet button to see the Wikipedia page for the selected element or amino acid.


What platforms does it run on?

It runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Is that convenient ?

I think it isn’t convenient, because this APP requires iOS 2.2.1 or later. The second reason is this APP need WIFI to run on.

Can younger people use that?

Yes, this APP is used to more than 4 years old children.

Is it efficient for me?

Yes, it helps me memorize elements information and how to use them. It just like a dictionary in science, I can got the knowledge of elements quickly when I need to find them.

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Force of Luck

This story is about two friends have a disagreement over whether it is money or luck that makes a man successful. To find out, they give $200 to a poor miller who works for a local mill. The money is taken from the miller by a hawk. When the men return, the miller tells them truthfully what has happened.

They give him another $200. The miller hides the money in a jar filled with grain, but his wife, unknowingly, trades the jar for whitewash. When the men return, the miller again tells them what has happened.

This time, one of them gives the miller a piece of lead. The miller gives the lead to a fisherman, who gives him a fish in exchange. In the fish is a piece of “glass” which turns out to be a diamond. The miller sells the diamond for $100,000 and uses the money to start his own business. The business prospers. When the men return, the miller takes them to his summer cabin. There, they find a hawk’s nest which has the original $200 in it. Later that night, the two men stop for the evening. When their horses are being fed, it is discovered that there is $200 in the bottom of the jar!

I think this story told us luck is more important than money, because the miller is luck that these whether men want to give him money and he got a diamond.

Character Sketch

The Chief is an important character in the story “The stolen letter”, because he is clever, cautious, and direct.

In the story, Chief can know what Minister’s habit is, and use that to help him to search Minister’ house, that shows Chief is a clever man.

The Chief is a caution and alert man. Because when he finished his search, he always took everything bake and eliminate traces. I think only alert and cautious people can do that.

He is a direct man, because he don’t have evidence to prove who stolen this letter but he jump to conclusion that thief is the Minister and search his house.

So Chief is a clever, alert and direct man.

Short Story #1 & Digital Story Book Assignme

Three Alpacas Fight With A Fire Dragon



In a long long ago, a big town was situating near by a mountain. This town named Sanpearouv. It has army and food. There are many people lived in here, it is more like a country than a big town. Though they are very powerful, population here also have a trouble in common that there is a Fire Dragon lived in the mountain near by the town    fire-dragon

There are many gold in the mountain which the Dragon lived in. Population want to got it, so there are many people explore to this mountain and dead by Dragon’s fire. Sanpearouv government was dispatch troops to kill the Fire Dragon. Many soldiers were dead, but they haven’t eliminate the Fire Dragon.

The King of Sanpearouv was in anxious because of the Fire Dragon. He and his secretaries weren’t know how to do about this monster at all. At this time, three swordsmen were coming. The important is they are not human, they are alpacas!


These three Alpacas were travel around the world. They would like to help Sanpearouv to eliminate the Fire Dragon. They are in brown, white and yellow. Their colour are their names. Brown used hammer. He is the capital of these three. White used sword. Yellow is a women, she used arrow.


When alpacas been Sanpearouv, they were immediately to see the King. “My Majesty, we are swordsmen who the world travel around. We would like to help you to fight with the Fire Dragon. Of cause, we need many remuneration.” the brown alpaca said. “Ok, I can give you guys money whatever you want.” The King said. “Ok, we set out tomorrow.” Brown finished his answer and turned away.


They were setting out in dawn. Brown took his hammer, White took his sword, Yellow took her arrow and some food. Some of food are for they to eat, but another are the gift for dragon. Shortly afterwards, they found Dragon’s cave. The Fire Dragon was sleeping. The brown said : “I will use my hammer to hit him and then White use your sword to cut his neck, Yellow shoot his eyes. At last, we dig out his heart.”


Brown walked up to Dragon and hit on his head. The Dragon have a screamed and put up his head. At this time, White waving sword cut on Dragon’s neck. But Dragon’s neck has flake, it didn’t hurt. And then, Yellow shoot a arrow to Dragon’s eye. Dragon pendulum head…… the arrow was missed! “Danger!” Brown shouted, but is too late. Dragon spurted fire to them


The fire was hurt Brown’s body but others were not. White was cutting Fire Dragon and Yellow was shooting. At this time, White ran to under the Dragon and pricked his stomach. The Dragon bowed head and try to bite him. At the same time, Brown jump up and pound Dragon’s head heavy. DOOOOO!!!!!!! The Fire Dragon was dizzy. “Don’t hurt me, pleas.” Dragon was speaking.



“You can speak!!!” “What’s going on???” “What did you say??!!” they can’t believe what they have listen. “In fact, I’m doesn’t a bad Dragon, I just an ordinary Dragon. I don’t want to hurt anyone but I’m living in which a mountain has gold, so many body want to kill me. I just save myself.” “So, you are not a killer dragon?” “In fact, I’m a cute dragon.” And then the “Fire Dragon” was change to a small and cute dragon.


“People want you leave here, so … can you do that?” Brown asked. “I can’t, because here is my home, I can’t leave here. But I can give gold to  people, as long as they don’t hurt me.” Dragon said. “Ok, we will talk to King.”

The three alpacas go back to Sanpearouv and took to the King. “Really? He doesn’t a bad dragon? Ok, we can save him if he doesn’t hurt population.” “So, you allow this scheme? I can lived in here?!” The fire dragon ask. “Of cause I allow.” The King nodded head. Since then the “Fire Dragon” was have a happy life with population.

But these three alpacas were leave quietly.


The End……