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Sleep cause all this

One day, Tom and his father were driving the car. They wanted to go to a country town and purchase food and articles for daily use. There are far away between Tom’s house and the country town. When they bought them, it was early in the afternoon. They are very tired and sleepy. “Son, I’m sleepy, how about you?”: The father asks Tom. “Me to dad.” He finished his answer, and go to sleep. The father was still driving but son was begin to snore. Father rolled down the window to make sure himself can’t fall asleep. The breeze fondled his face, the setting sun sprinkled sunlight, the clouds in in the sky was shined very red by the sun. Father driving the car while view the scenery.

After 30 minutes, father was defeated by sleepy, he was sleeping! Their car was coming to a little cliff, just has 12 miters high, but they wasn’t wake up! They didn’t know what thing will happened. The car was fly off the little cliff and full down in a big tree. Father was awakened by a huge shock. He shook Tom weak up and said :“Weak up man, we are in trouble.” Tom haven’t open his eyes and asked:” what’s happened dad? Why don’t you driving? The police checked the driver’s license?” ”No, you should open your eyes I think.” ”What’s going on? I don’t think car was broken, because I can hear the engine roar.” ”No, our car is pretty good I think. Pleas open your eyes.” Father was green about the gills. When Tom opened his eyes, he was screaming:” Oh my God! We are wedging in the tree!”


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