Core Competent Canadians

   Question 1) Before this core competencies activity I knew a good amount about all sections of core competencies but I learned that critical learning can be develop and design which i didn’t know before.

Question 2) It can help me in my social life because these are things that i can reference to when im older to help me make the right decision.



Community Connections Alternate

the job that opportunity that i found was,

Paragraph 1, The employment opportunity that i found was refereeing. This employment could benefit my future because i would learn new skills and also when applying for future jobs refereeing shows good leadership skill. The qualifications of this employment are that u need to have a good understanding of the game soccer, and you have to take a course. Some skills and qualifications that i bring to the job are that i play a high level of soccer and have a very good understanding of it. Steps that you need to take in order to be suitable for this position are you need to be 13 or older, you have to register, and you have to have a good understand of the game soccer.

the volunteer work i found was,

Paragraph 2,

The volunteer opportunity that im researching in is wildlife rescue. This volunteer opportunity could help my future because i would have experiences with helping animals and a understanding of wild life. Im passionate about getting involved with this field because my dong is a rescued dog and i think it would be a good and beneficial experience.

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science 9 Wonder question

Could black holes be a portal to another universe?

This question is meaningful to me because I find it very interesting, and i because i would like to find out the answer to it.

This question could be meaningful to others because maybe its something that there interested in and you never know it could be a back up plan for our universe if something where to ever happen.

List 3-5 sub questions

Are there white holes on the other side of black holes?

Do other universes exist?

Are black holes worm holes?

Would it be dangerous to travel from universe to universe?

How far is the nearest black hole?

Three quality sources

Could black holes be portals to another universe

: Dr Alastair Gunn

no publication date

Some physicists have attempted to combine quantum mechanics with the General Theory of Relativity and concluded that black holes may not contain a ‘singularity’, the point at which density becomes infinite. This would open up the possibility that black holes are shortcuts to other universes. Actual tunnels through space-time, called ‘wormholes’, may be a better bet for traversing between universes. But although they’re predicted by Einstein’s theories, no wormholes have yet been discovered, and there are doubts that they could occur naturally at all.


Some physicists have done experiments and have concluded that black holes could potentially have a ‘singularity’, to the point that density becomes infinite, which could possibly lead to black holes being short cuts to other universes.

could black holes be a portal to another universe

David Shiga

april 27 2007

A black hole is an object with such a powerful gravitational field that nothing, not even light, can escape it if it strays within a boundary known as the event horizon. Einstein’s theory of general relativity says black holes should form whenever matter is squeezed into a small enough space.


– But physicists Thibault Damour of the Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques in Bures-sur-Yvette, France, and Sergey Solodukhin of International University Bremen in Germany now say that these objects could be structures called wormholes instead.

Wormholes are warps in the fabric of space-time that connect one place to another. If you imagine the universe as a two-dimensional sheet, you can picture a wormhole as a “throat” connecting our sheet to another one. In this scenario, the other sheet could be a universe of its own, with its own stars, galaxies and planets.


A black hole is so powerful that not even light is fast enough to escape it. – black holes are made when matter is compacted into a small enough space.

– people that are edgucated in this field are now starting to say that these objects could be worm holes.

-wormholes connect one place to another.

black holes could be portals to a parallel universe

Stephan Hawking

aug 26 2015

Scientists have categorised three sizes of black holes.

The smallest – as tiny as the size of an atom but with the mass of a mountain – are believed to have formed when the universe began

Stellar black holes are made when the centre of a very big star falls in upon itself, or collapses, causing a supernova – an exploding star that blasts part of itself into space.

Scientists think supermassive black holes – each with the mass of millions of stars – were formed at the same time as the galaxy they are in began.


Scientist have put black holes into three different categories

  • The smallest, as small as an atom but with a larg mass,
  • Stellar black holes, formed when a star collapses which will turn into a supernova/ a exploding star

Supermassive black holes, mass of 10000s stars apparently they were made about the same time as the galaxy was.

All of these websites give me good information about how black holes could potentially be a portal to another universe.All this information will bring me one step closer to solving my question because the more i know the more i can do my research on.

There is lots of research that still needs to be done, it’s not something that you can go out and do. There needs to be enough evidence supporting the fact that black holes could be portals to another dimension because it would cost a whole lot of money to do a test in outer space.

Anyone that works in the earth science department or the space science department.

Yes a scientific experiment would be really helpful but it would be quite dangerous and very expensive to send a someone or even a robot threw a black holes. It would most definitely help find the answer to the question.

Some questions that i had to research in order to find my topic are:

how far are black holes?

are black holes worm holes?

are there white holes on the other side of black holes?

While working on this project i used creative commons and also the riverside library and google.

first i thought of some sub question and once i had a better understanding of my main question i moved on to that.

I made sure it was a secure sight and made sure it was a trust worthy one, some indications of a non trust worthy sites are onces with no author, lots of ads etc.

So far the process of completing this challenge was good and successful, what could i have done better, but more time into reading the websites and really looking for the little details.



Term 1 reflection

1st question

Somme of my achievements this year in math are that im a lot better at doing multiplication now, and being able to do it with out a calculator. Somme of my struggles that i find are that i can get confused in the terms. Some goals for semester 2 are to keep up with the homework and to ask questions if i dont understand the math.

2 question

This year in math i have learned lots. Some things that i have accomplished in math so far is that i have been keeping up with posting my homework I have been keeping up with pretty good grades and participating. My goals for semester 2 is to improve my and just try and learn more. In the new semester i want to do IXL more regularly and ask for help more in class when i feel i need it.