November 27


I Parsa Boojari am apologizing from all aboriginals in Canada. We are sorry that we didn’t do the agreement sooner but we did it ten years ago at second of June, 2008. It has passed more than ten years and we tried make everything better. we need this agreement because we are a country and our goal is to have every single Canadians to that “thank good I was born in this country” .We all should be proud, we have been upgrading our thinking , we are ahead of a lot of countries because of our at a lot of things. like about LGBTQ2, women equality, and a lot of other things. we should upgrade our agreements with first nations, they are in better situation, but not like others. we should make everyone of aboriginals feel equal to others we should respect them and pay more attention to them. I personally would try to help aboriginals in any way, I would support them and a lot of them have high school issues in their hometown so they should go to other cities and they would be away from their family and I am an immigrant and I know how hard it is to be away from the people that you love.