June 12

Chemistry 11 Online Work Self Assessment

To be honest, at first, I did a terrible job but I got used to it. I am a student who interacts with people face-to-face, but with the pandemic, it was difficult to communicate. At first, I liked staying home but after a month I was bored to death and a mess in my classes. I still have a lot of problems with online like doing my past due works. I have a lot to do and it is really tough for me to keep up. I would have changed my way of scheduling my work. I have a couple of past-due projects that I don’t have a lot of time to do them know but I have to. I would do every project on time so I wouldn’t be having any problem and I would not disappoint my teacher. All my teachers did an amazing job trough these difficult times but I didn’t do good enough and I would organize myself better next time. The only thing that I did good was studying and learning through my laptop more than ever. I usually study on a piece of paper or a book but this pandemic grew my online learning skills.

March 13

These are the results, calculations, and conclusions, me and my group got out of two labs to calculate the initial velocity of the object shot by nerf gun bullet. We improved the first lab to get a more accurate result and used technology for this goal. I personally learned a lot from this lab and it was a great experience for me to learn about projectile motion.

The object was way more clear in the video but that was the only picture I had. This is the objects at its peak height.