January 22

What is Humanity

What is Humanity

by: Parsa Boojari


Final report for the human project is in

Martians tried to get more information from humans for so long

These humans who live on earth, what do they have within?

Their history is full of love and hatred, full of fight and peace, Full of right and wrong

They can be as arrogant as Hitler or as peaceful as Gandhi

Humans are like fire, they can bring light

Or they can destroy everything and leaving nothing behind not even a body

They kill each other in wars at their heights

But they have something that we won’t abide

A feeling which is not real, but is real, is not true but is true, love

It makes a mother merciful for its child

Love, so strong which unites nations and separates them that is what humans are made of

Humanity depends on it but why

Why does a mistress kill herself over her lover?

What kind of painful joy is this that brings people nigh?

What, what, what is love that is worth to suffer

The Humanity Project is finished but is not finished

We know everything about humans but we know nothing about them indeed.



analysis: What is Humanity is a sonnet by Parsa Boojari is a report by a Marian alien which reports about humans. This Alien demonstrates Humanity with its bad factors including wars but it mostly focuses on love as a good factor of humans. He doesn’t understand the love when he says “What, what, what is love that is worth to suffer”. He does not have an understanding of love and he can never understand it and by repetition, the reader can understand the alien’s confusion. An allusion is shown in the  5th line. The author compares the worst human being to one of its bests. Hitler is referred to as arrogance and Gandhi is known as thoughtful in this poem. A simile is used to compare Humans to fire. “Humans are like fire, they can bring light Or they can destroy everything and leaving nothing behind not even a body.” Fire can bring light which is the symbol of hope although it can burn everything to the dust and destroy something without leaving anything behind. Humanity which is known to aliens can do great things and can destroy things to its ashes too. “It makes a mother merciful for its child” includes Alliteration. Makes, mother, and merciful all start with M. Painful joy is an Oxymoron that demonstrates joy as love which is painful to being in love and doing anything for the person who is loved. Aliens cannot understand loving so to them love is meaningless. In the end when they say “We know everything about humans although we know nothing about them indeed.” They talk about the fact that they know every detail of human history but they still cannot understand humans. Martians tried to know everything about humanity but they cannot understand them.

Composition: Ozymandias is a perfect demonstration of a fallen kingdom which claimed to have great power and was invincible by Percy Bysshe Shelley. The Poem starts with a man telling about a lost land which was in the middle of the dessert. The king of the kingdom claimed to have the highest power. “Stone stand” and “cold command” is an alliteration that is used in this poem. The irony is a device which is used to show how even the kings who think they are powerful will fall, “My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings; Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!” the king thought of himself as an invincible person and dreamed of his kingdom is the biggest kingdom and he the king of kings. From all his glory and kingdom, there is nothing left. “Half sunk a shattered visage lies, whose frown,” is an example of negative connotation. This poem is close to Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Both kings thought of themselves to be the strongest but there was nothing left from their kingdom.


November 4

Racism which is not issued correctly


This article is a great example of a perfect article for me. It involves soccer which is my favorite sport; it is about racism that happened recently against an England soccer player, and it is related to people ignoring it because the news which is being updated and people forgetting about it after five minutes. the author’s style was insightful and aggressive against racism. The significance of this article is how ignorant some people and officials are. I am a Muslim and know that Trump doesn’t like people like me because of my religion, so I can feel the pain which the people who are being racially abused or discriminated against feel.