writing of researches

Canadian support the war because two reasons; one because of honor and second because of helping Britain. there were a lot posters for making people to go to war like two posters were talking about war; one talked about war is a big honor and the other one was about to help Britain army in this war. A lot of things happened to Canada in WW1 like women got to be alone and they found their own way without men and they started to get equal to men and this war was a big step for women equality. another effect of this war was that it changed people that went to war and made a lot survivors being a different person than they were before. it is hard to killing people that you don’t know in the war and seeing the people that you know die in front of you or die yourself. war at first it was for Britain and honor, but later on it was just a nightmare that everyone were seek of it. a lot of people in the war had a hard time and their letter sounded like they were in hell; like John P Sudbury’s letter that was saying “Why I should have occupied a period of depression in writing to you, who need cheer as much as I, I don’t know but I did it nevertheless with the aforementioned result.” in 1916 in somme war as known as blood bath.


I Parsa Boojari am apologizing from all aboriginals in Canada. We are sorry that we didn’t do the agreement sooner but we did it ten years ago at second of June, 2008. It has passed more than ten years and we tried make everything better. we need this agreement because we are a country and our goal is to have every single Canadians to that “thank good I was born in this country” .We all should be proud, we have been upgrading our thinking , we are ahead of a lot of countries because of our at a lot of things. like about LGBTQ2, women equality, and a lot of other things. we should upgrade our agreements with first nations, they are in better situation, but not like others. we should make everyone of aboriginals feel equal to others we should respect them and pay more attention to them. I personally would try to help aboriginals in any way, I would support them and a lot of them have high school issues in their hometown so they should go to other cities and they would be away from their family and I am an immigrant and I know how hard it is to be away from the people that you love.


you sogi is a good think if it happens in the right time. you know it should be around the age that a person is in high school ( around grade 9) because before that it is way too early and it may confuse a kid. a kid may be confused by the information and it may make him try something really bad that he/she would regret in the future. you know somehow its good because a kid won’t lose his way because it would show it to him/her that how to find and stay on the right track for the rest of their life. aboriginals also should have been more respected in canada. truth and reconciliation agreement had been confirmed in 2008 and it is pretty late. you know we had been dealing with immigrants from other countries really good since less than 100 years but we  had an agreement with aboriginals since 10 years ago. this is so sad that it took around 150 years since Canada had been created and it took 140 years to finally deal with aboriginals that had been in this land decades before european even reach american continent. so we should have did this agreement way earlier.

Reflection 1 of history

This week we talked about how asians (mostly chinese people an indians) where discriminated and women didn’t got serious in early 1915. Chinese people had a lot of problem to come to canada back then because people were scared that they would steal their jobs and also they were scared of bringing new culture to canada and they were scared that their culture would change. If they like their culture just keep it nobody woud not try to change it. And there is a lot of space and land in canada and there would not be over population or jobs problem. I think back then we were really lost and also we had a lot of discriminatins for women too. Women should have got treated like men. I found a lot of advertisement that showed women are not allowed to work, study, and shortly no one didn’t get them serious. But right now imagrants are beeing welcomed here and also we have a lot of rules about men and women equality.

waste and climate change


nature does make some waste but it recycle it by itself. like when an animal dies it would decompose by bacteria and the decomposed stuff would go to soil and trees would use them to grow. because sometimes human just want to upgrade and wants to feel comfortable so they forget about the problems of what they are doing to the nature and waste is one of the most important one that can cause a lot of pollution in nature. also everyone think that “if I change there would not be a lot of change in world because if I am just one person.” so they don’t try to change. but we all should start from our self so why not try to buy as much as we need and by things we need not things we want or like. Or just to reuse our stuff and why not don’t throwing a lot of parties.



climate change

there is a connection between climate change and amount of CO2 of air because  they are greenhouse gas so they would make earth warmer. also there is another connection between population and CO2 because  if there is more people we need more cars, more factories(for their needs), more energy, and lots of other things that to have them we would make CO2. if climate change happens completely weather would be to warm or cold that would be less materials and also less land to leave. so we should try to use less energies like don’t make our house warming stuff to use more energy. and also use public transportation. we should try to use electric cars except usual cars.