November 12

Desmos Art Functions Portrait Semi 2018

At first I was confused with making graphs that would make a perfect head and then I got help from my teacher. As much as I worked on it I got better and as it went I understanded how to play with this graphs and shape them. I was  really stuck on hairs and nose and eye. for the nose and eye I was just learning how to use it and if I want make one right now I can do it in less than 3 minute. for hairs it was so hard to arange them but I got threw it and I think I did a great job. when I found out how to make hairs I was so excited and I used curvy lines. the only help I got was from my friends and my teacher. I didn’t have any strategy but I tried to make it so special and great. functions and graphs are so fun you can do anything with it and I like to get challenge and functions and graphs are so challenging.

teacher:Ms. MacArthur


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