December 18

writing of researches

Canadian support the war because two reasons; one because of honor and second because of helping Britain. there were a lot posters for making people to go to war like two posters were talking about war; one talked about war is a big honor and the other one was about to help Britain army in this war. A lot of things happened to Canada in WW1 like women got to be alone and they found their own way without men and they started to get equal to men and this war was a big step for women equality. another effect of this war was that it changed people that went to war and made a lot survivors being a different person than they were before. it is hard to killing people that you don’t know in the war and seeing the people that you know die in front of you or die yourself. war at first it was for Britain and honor, but later on it was just a nightmare that everyone were seek of it. a lot of people in the war had a hard time and their letter sounded like they were in hell; like John P Sudbury’s letter that was saying “Why I should have occupied a period of depression in writing to you, who need cheer as much as I, I don’t know but I did it nevertheless with the aforementioned result.” in 1916 in somme war as known as blood bath.