Desmos Art Functions Portrait Semi 2018

At first I was confused with making graphs that would make a perfect head and then I got help from my teacher. As much as I worked on it I got better and as it went I understanded how to play with this graphs and shape them. I was  really stuck on hairs and nose and eye. for the nose and eye I was just learning how to use it and if I want make one right now I can do it in less than 3 minute. for hairs it was so hard to arange them but I got threw it and I think I did a great job. when I found out how to make hairs I was so excited and I used curvy lines. the only help I got was from my friends and my teacher. I didn’t have any strategy but I tried to make it so special and great. functions and graphs are so fun you can do anything with it and I like to get challenge and functions and graphs are so challenging.

teacher:Ms. MacArthur


waste and climate change


nature does make some waste but it recycle it by itself. like when an animal dies it would decompose by bacteria and the decomposed stuff would go to soil and trees would use them to grow. because sometimes human just want to upgrade and wants to feel comfortable so they forget about the problems of what they are doing to the nature and waste is one of the most important one that can cause a lot of pollution in nature. also everyone think that “if I change there would not be a lot of change in world because if I am just one person.” so they don’t try to change. but we all should start from our self so why not try to buy as much as we need and by things we need not things we want or like. Or just to reuse our stuff and why not don’t throwing a lot of parties.



climate change

there is a connection between climate change and amount of CO2 of air because  they are greenhouse gas so they would make earth warmer. also there is another connection between population and CO2 because  if there is more people we need more cars, more factories(for their needs), more energy, and lots of other things that to have them we would make CO2. if climate change happens completely weather would be to warm or cold that would be less materials and also less land to leave. so we should try to use less energies like don’t make our house warming stuff to use more energy. and also use public transportation. we should try to use electric cars except usual cars.