November 27


you sogi is a good think if it happens in the right time. you know it should be around the age that a person is in high school ( around grade 9) because before that it is way too early and it may confuse a kid. a kid may be confused by the information and it may make him try something really bad that he/she would regret in the future. you know somehow its good because a kid won’t lose his way because it would show it to him/her that how to find and stay on the right track for the rest of their life. aboriginals also should have been more respected in canada. truth and reconciliation agreement had been confirmed in 2008 and it is pretty late. you know we had been dealing with immigrants from other countries really good since less than 100 years but we¬† had an agreement with aboriginals since 10 years ago. this is so sad that it took around 150 years since Canada had been created and it took 140 years to finally deal with aboriginals that had been in this land decades before european even reach american continent. so we should have did this agreement way earlier.

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