November 21

Reflection 1 of history

This week we talked about how asians (mostly chinese people an indians) where discriminated and women didn’t got serious in early 1915. Chinese people had a lot of problem to come to canada back then because people were scared that they would steal their jobs and also they were scared of bringing new culture to canada and they were scared that their culture would change. If they like their culture just keep it nobody woud not try to change it. And there is a lot of space and land in canada and there would not be over population or jobs problem. I think back then we were really lost and also we had a lot of discriminatins for women too. Women should have got treated like men. I found a lot of advertisement that showed women are not allowed to work, study, and shortly no one didn’t get them serious. But right now imagrants are beeing welcomed here and also we have a lot of rules about men and women equality.

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