October 29

Volcano lab

  1. When you watched your volcano erupt, what did you notice about the “pyroclastic” flow? Describe it’s movement.

We tried to force the flow of the “lava” by ripping part of the volcano to flow toward the city we made. but even though we did the “lava” shot up so fast half went the other way anyway.

2.When you watched the videos of the Hawaiian Eruption from Mount Kilauea, what did you notice               about the way it interacted with the landscape?

It was burning everything, using the road to travel faster, anything in its way did not last long, houses are gone,

3. Why is the volcanic activity important for places like Hawaii?

so it can get more land mass? i mean nothing good came from that.. unless you were living beside a dog that never shut up… and well now you can enjoy the silence of a hot dog.. .


4. How did people respond to the volcanic activity?

Well of course everyone was sad, scared, and maybe a little at awe, but they know the will be able to continue life

5. Compare what you saw in the video to life here in Vancouver. What if the Coquitlam Mountain erupted, how would you respond?

Well, I would respond by putting a red bandanna on my head 2 stripes of war paint and grab my arisoft gun then be supper cool as I shoot the BB’s into the lava (i would burn a lot of stuff), cook hot dogs and stuff, I would have a blast! and because i live on a hill the lava should not be able to clime up the hill, so even if the lava went through poco i would live #survival of the fittest. then i would rent out boxes to people who lost there houses and make major profit. hehe well i would… but my mom would probably stop me….

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