October 29

Documentary questions

1. This documentary used several pieces of evidence to support their claim that we are in a dangerous location. What were those pieces of evidence? List them.

1.The seduction zone near us

2. in a salt marsh deposit they found a spruce forest that can only grow on dry land. suggesting it was once up higher and then collapsed.

3. a record in japan showed that an earthquake far away that caused a tsunami to hit japan

4. the ghost forest was filled with trees hundreds of miles away. then one day thay all died like magic and they discovered the trees had died had a lined with the japan tsunami

5. native stories


2. Using the list of evidence above, explain why one of those pieces of evidence alone is not enough, but why together they make the documentary’s argument credible.

See the Native stories by them selves are not very reliable cause well that’s just it, they are stories nothing to back up the realism meaning that they could just be lies or made up.

the ghost forest could have just died by some kind of tree infection.

the japan thing could have started like just barely out of the range of the earth quake and had a mini tsunami


3. This documentary comments on the destruction a seismic event could have on Vancouver. Describe what you learned from this documentary on how Vancouver could be impacted.

we will be hit by strong shaking in the ground for a long period oh time (5-7 min), in indoniasia most of the damage was caused by the tsunami not the earthquake in BC it will be the other way around. no one knows what will happen to the high rises, some believe they will withstand the earth quake others think it will fall. but the old tall buildings are believed to fall. colaps of tall buildings will cause the most death in the quake.

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