January 19

how cells multiply

in this blog I will be discussing the differences, advantages and disadvantages of Asexual and Sexual reproduction.


Asexual reproduction only requires only one cell for it to make a genetically identical call or a sister cell. in this type of reproduction it uses Mitosis, which is when a cell divides it makes 2 sister cells. some of the advantages of this type of reproduction is when the cell is ready to “mate” it does not need to find a partner but can split apart. another advantage is when you get a cut or grow (which you do every day) your cells can multiply to replace the lost cells, and or when you grow you get more and more cells to multiply and take the place of old ones. but some of the disadvantages of this is if there is a disease that can kill one cell it can kill all the other same cells.


Sexual reproduction requires 2 partners (a male and a female) to make off-spring (children) that will contain 23 chromosomes from the mother and 23 chromosomes from the father which is the genetic make up of you and everything you like, dislike, how you act and everything unique about you. (this type of reproduction is also known as meiosis). the advantages of this are when 2 parents make you the 23 chromosomes from each try to take the better parts of the DNA strands of the male sperm and female egg, which can also increase the chance of having a better immune system then your parents. but some disadvantages are if one of your parents had a disease like AIDS or Wilsons disease (I did Wilsons disease for my mutation story) it is possible that the disease can be transferred into your DNA possibly causing problems in the future, another one is Sexual reproduction requires more energy then Asexual does.


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