Wave Phenomena

Here are three examples of wave phenomena. These are standing waves. Notice the points that don’t seem to be moving? Those are called nodes or nodal points 2. This is an example of destructive interference. The waves are out of phase and in turn, cancel each other out. 3. Finally, we have an example of… Continue Reading Wave Phenomena

Exploring Waves

Here are some examples of different wave types shown by using a spring. An example of a periodic wave 2. An example of a Transverse wave 3. An example of a Longitudinal wave 4. An example of a pulse wave


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Concentration and Volume of a Liquid

For this experiment, we needed to add Copper(II) Chloride (CuCl2) to water to study the concentration and volume of a liquid. Me and Nick were partners for this one. First of all, we had to calculate how many grams of Copper(II) Chloride to add to 50mL of water for a Molarity of 0.200. The first… Continue Reading Concentration and Volume of a Liquid