How do the laws of physics as we know them change as we travel throughout space?

The universe is guided by the laws of physics that we as humans have recently discovered. There are many laws, but main laws that we see the most are the laws of motion, mass, and relativity. Without these laws, life would not be able to exist. Without mass, nothing would have a weight value, without motion nothing would be able to exist because all particles move at a rate which defines if they are a solid liquid or gas. There are many other laws that we follow but they all branch off of what we know to be the main laws


In space we know that there are fundamental laws like gravity and velocity, but what if there are laws that we don’t completely know about. What if there are laws of physics complexly different from what we know where there is a reversed gravity pulling you away from a massive object?

Newton’s laws of motion

  • Motion- Everything that moves will continue to move unless a force is applied to stop its motion
  • Inertia- If something of mass has motion applied to it depending on the mass of the object it will affect the change of speed and direction due to momentum.
  • Opposing action- For every action there is an opposite to reaction to counter affect the already moving object.

One thing that we know as the black hole defies every law of physics that we know. The only rule that applies to a black hole is the law of gravity which lets us know that there are an event horizon and a strong gravitational pull.  A black hole in nature in an infinite curvature of space-time and compresses matter to an infinitesimal density. The event horizon is part of the black hole that nothing can escape, not even light, it has the ability to break down the molecular level of any sub-atomic particle. The light can be compressed to create what we do not know to be inside.