Partner Paragraph

Miku is grade ten student that is competitive and dedicated to her hobbies and her favorite sport. She plays competitive tennis at a high level. She plays doubles and singles, but she prefers playing singles because there is less need to communicate with other people on you team. In her spare time, she enjoys watching YouTube and eating salmon rolls sushi and she prefers salmon rolls most of all. Her biggest fear is not passing all of her classes. Miku listens to a lot of music, when she listens to music she prefers K-pop most of all because her friends listen to it as well. When Miku isn’t playing tennis or watching YouTube she could be traveling. Miku has been to the United States, Australia and Korea. She does not have any pets but her favorite animals are dogs because they are very energetic.

In conclusion Miku is a very well rounded person with lots of diverse hobbies and interests. Miku seems like a very nice person that I would love to get to know more.