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Bike trip in Portland

My bike ride in Portland Oregon was one of the best experiences in my life and I am about to explain why.

My mom and my dad drove the congested highway stuck in endless traffic. We thought that we were going to die of heat stroke because it was so hot driving down the country. My dad started to get a bit heated because it was so hot outside, we were all a bit wound up from the tedious drive. The drive from Vancouver to Portland was only supposed to take 6 hours but we were driving for around 11 hours because of the rush us. It felt like we were stuck destined to be locked on this road forever. My phone died halfway through the trip so I was stuck watching the endless line of cars that lie before me, wondering what my purpose was in life. We had no idea where we were going so we had to rely on a horrible Gps that sounded like horrid witch that kept trying to “help us get there” sending us on a wild goose chase. One of the times that we listened to her she sent us off the jammed highway and through some forest country road that was unpaved and like driving through the Rocky Mountains. Every now and then we hit a huge bump and I looked back to see if our bikes had unlatched from the vehicle. We stopped for food every 2 hours and it was probably the worst food that I have every tasted in my entire life. The McDonalds along the highway looked more like a farm stable then a human fast food restaurant. The door looked like it was about to fall off if you closed it too hard and the food tasted like warm plastic burgers. Once we left McDonalds we were back on the endless winding highway that felt like it went no where. By the time we started nearing Portland it started to get dark it was almost 11 a clock!  We were slowly driving around the college campus that we were staying at but it was deserted, it felt like a ghost town with a few people laughing in the distance in the beer tent. Just to our luck it started to pour down rain on us, so now we were we and miserable. We still had to find the sign in tent that was marked on the map as “In the main campus building” which was absolutely no help to us.  We had no umbrellas so we were just running around like lost mice looking for someone who looked like they had some idea of where the sign up tent was. We ended up scurrying around the campus until we found an overhang with some shelter from the rain, so we set one person up “my dad” to watch our stuff and keep a meeting point then my mom and I went on a hunt to find help. We arrived at this immense building that looked like it was at least 7 stories high we knocked on the door for what felt like ten minutes until someone came to the door to talk to us. We asked him how we sign in to the cycle Oregon campus and at first he said that he had no idea what that was so we told him to say something on the radio. He was hesitant but he did, about 20 minutes later a small and bulky little man came waddling up to us asking if we were looking for cycle Oregon we said yes and he said “Come with me and I will try and get you settled in” He talked to a few people with the dorm building that we were supposed to be sleeping in and they said they would let us in for the night but as soon as we woke up we would have to sign in. So we thanked him many times for helping us then we slowly walked up to the comfort of the dorm room for the night. The room smelted like formaldehyde and bleach but it was warm and cozy. The mattresses felt like sleeping on plastic cookie sheets but it ad to do for that night.