Letter To Trump About Paris Accord

Dear Mr President,

I am writing this letter to you because i believe that you and i have different views on climate change.  I noticed that you are set to pull out of the Paris accord. However i would advice you not to proceed with this because this could greatly endanger all of your country if not the entire world.

If you choose to pull out of the agreement you will start to change our ecosystem faster because your country is the second largest Co2 emitter in the world. If you continued on with your carbon usage, you will release “3 billion tones of carbon dioxide a year” This would cause our the ice to melt faster, water to rise faster and we would have stronger storms.

I agree that you should balance out ecological and economic changes so that you can have a sustainable system. I disagree with the fact that you decided to drop out of Paris accord for your economic benefit over the well being of the worlds ecological system.

In the end i do not agree with your choice of leaving the Paris accord because it will cause a lot of damage for your country and the world.

Thanks for you consideration of my letter,

Oscar Dhut