Letter To Trump About Paris Accord

Dear Mr President,

I am writing this letter to you because i believe that you and i have different views on climate change.  I noticed that you are set to pull out of the Paris accord. However i would advice you not to proceed with this because this could greatly endanger all of your country if not the entire world.

If you choose to pull out of the agreement you will start to change our ecosystem faster because your country is the second largest Co2 emitter in the world. If you continued on with your carbon usage, you will release “3 billion tones of carbon dioxide a year” This would cause our the ice to melt faster, water to rise faster and we would have stronger storms.

I agree that you should balance out ecological and economic changes so that you can have a sustainable system. I disagree with the fact that you decided to drop out of Paris accord for your economic benefit over the well being of the worlds ecological system.

In the end i do not agree with your choice of leaving the Paris accord because it will cause a lot of damage for your country and the world.

Thanks for you consideration of my letter,

Oscar Dhut


The Poop On Composting

  1. plastic or Styrofoam


  1. Waste has to be put into the landfill where as compostable waste can be turned into soil for your gardens.


  1. The food that you are eating is completely organic, it is made from nature.


  1. Something is compostable if it comes from nature. If it came from nature it is probably going back.


  1. It is discouraged because dog poop can take up too 3 years to decompose.


  1. One of the dangers of having a compost bin in you back yard is that it can attract bears.


  1. Food gets taken to the plants that remake compost back into plant food.


  1. When living things start to rot and decay.


  1. The thing that cause it to smell was the fact that the compost was 25 degrees hotter than the air around it. It could also smell because of the rain that it soaks up.


  1. I don’t think he needs to let dr hall know because the odor was just naturally accruing when he turned up the ground.


  1. Glucose+Oxygen= Carbon dioxide+Water+ATP


  1. It is hotter inside the compost because the bacteria release heat into the pile of compost but it gets trapped warming up the pile.


  1. The benefits of composting are good for the soil, helps make bacteria break down organic matter faster, it reduces the methane that is released from landfills and dumps.


  1. Vermicomposting is when people use the poop of many different types of earth worms to create a strong decaying agent.


  1. Mesophilic bacteria live best in temperatures 20 and 40 degrees Celsius. It is great at decomposing organic compost.


  1. Up to day 47 it is thermophilic bacteria, and after that the temperature starts to decline into mesophilic.


  1. Yes, there will still be composting. The process will get slower and slower due to the temperature of the water.


  1. Yes, of course he should pick through the bins, it wont be a clean and nice experience but you will be helping nature grow and decompose other food waste.


  1. Some of the problems that people face with starting a compost at home are: it smells really bad, it is hard manual labour, it looks gross and it can attract lots of pest that you dot want around.


  1. It takes longer to decompose because there is way more compost then in your backyard bins. It is a large industrial system.


  1. Well it is because the smell that you smell from the outhouse is the same smell of chemicals that are decomposing materials.


Science App Review

Science App Review

Office Lens

Have you ever had the problem of having to re write your entire essay onto your computer? If you need to copy a document that you wrote on paper into digital format it can be a tedious process because without the app you would need to re write the whole document. So my solution to this problem relies on my app called “Office Lens” By Microsoft. This app allows you to take a quick snapshot of any physical piece of writing and turn it into a PDF format. It uses your smartphone camera to capture the borders of the page then takes a picture turning any readable words into computer font.

This program has many different applications. The science application for this app is if you were in a lab or somewhere that holds lots of written archives that are important you can take a quick picture of it and turn it into a document. For example, say you found an interesting like a document on Quantum Mechanics but you don’t have time to write it onto your computer, just whip out your phone and take a picture of it and it is yours forever. If you have messy writing you can take a quick picture of what you wrote and it makes the pictures a lot more vibrant and adds a stronger contrast to your writing. Another interesting feature that Office lens has is the ability to take picture of your document then review the text on the page, although this feature can be a bit buggy on harder to read pages. All that this means is that you have to have legible writing when you take a picture so that the apps system UI can read your writing. It has four different camera modes Business Card, Photo, Document and Whiteboard. Each of these modes changes the font, contrast and brightness of the image.

This app belongs to the Microsoft office folder alongside the other office 365 tools such as Word and PowerPoint. This means that Office lens works great with Office 365 because you can connect the phone to the Microsoft cloud and upload directly to your one drive account if you have one. If you don’t have an Office 365 account you can still use Office lens, there are many different ways to share and send your info.

When I tested the app I went to every corner of the system trying to find flaws and Pros in the system. What I found is that the layout is very easy to navigate. When you start up the app it springs right into action, it has little lag when it starts up which means that it is snappy and it literally only takes a few seconds to take the picture and process it. When you are trying to take a picture with the camera it has surprisingly fast focusing, it has very strong auto-focussing system which gives it the ability to adjust to the size of your page.

The app software is pretty small; it is 21.3 megabits. I thought that this was pretty small for a Microsoft app but this app surprisingly had a lot of abilities for the size. The benefit of having an app this size is that it takes up almost no storage on your device and it takes no time at all to download. This app uses no active ram which is another good feature because it wont use any of your phones background data like other apps.

In the end I think that this app has strong potential. It is a handy little app that can come in useful when you least expect it. I couldn’t really find any cons of flaws in the system. A little twitch that I did find though is that it takes a while to send your images via email. It seems like it tries to change it into a jpeg instead of your phones image format.

So in conclusion this is a very handy app to have with you at all times. It is not only good for the science applications but it is also a handy tool for anything that you need to use in your writing.