Political ideology roundtable

A few things that i found interesting were the fact that there are so many diverse beliefs through how the different ideologies view certain things like car break-ins and such. Our group came up with the ideas of spreading the taxes over the wealthy people and the workers of the company. We should be focusing on balanced taxes for all rather then higher taxes for the upper 1% of the population. I thought this activity really gets down to the bare bone of politics it shows how different cultures and religions and political beliefs can be. As well as in some parties some political beliefs can influence them.

The one thing that i found difficult about this is we really had to put yourself in the shoes of the political parties that were picked for us and play the role as that party even if we didn’t beliefs.

In conclusion I thought that this was a great assignment.

Battle of Ypres Infographic

Maintaining Culture through immigration


When people immigrate from different countries around the world with hopes of coming to Canada, they have to take chances.

Lots of people have invested their life into there own cultures and religions so they can’t just waste them for no reason when moving to a new Country. When people make one of the ultimate sacrifices to immigrate to Canada they are choosing to leave behind all the past cultures and religions. One of the ways that people will maintain their culture is through aboriginal short stories. The elders will tell their story to the youngest to make sure that their legacy gets passed on to the next. This is how so many stories get told today is because the elders in aboriginal culture are so vigilant to continue the cycle. Some people are not so lucky though when immigrating to Canada. They can be torn apart by our laws that can be harsh, our weird cultures and etc. Most people who immigrated in the earlier years of Canada had an easier chance of getting in but now they need to undergo a few different test one being the boarder entry point test that asks all immigrants get a score of 50 points or higher to be let into Canada. Now days in Canada if you have connections when entering you have a good chance of setting up a new life.

In the end I believe that Canada has come along way from letting only people with big businesses and lots of money come in. Canada has really shown that it can help people maintain culture through Immigration.



Aboriginal short story

Learning to create a fire with my grandpa. The cool wind blows in the coastal town of Port Alberni. The sun was setting, it created a somber mood with a hint of hope for the next day. The sun set very quickly as we watched it fall below the lake we felt the people in the cabin slowly drift off to bed. I could sleep that night, I was tossing and turning all night thinking about what the next was to come for me. Early the next morning my little cousin woke me up at 7:10 in the morning! I was a bit groggy to get up, but once I was awake I slowly started to feel the flow of the day. “Good morning!” My grandpa bellowed as I wobbled into the kitchen, he always had a loud voice that woke everyone up. I struggled to keep a smile in but it slipped out. He had already started making coffee, but I wasn’t really a fan of it. “Come one, come all!” My grandpa bellowed again. At my cabin there is usually a lot of people that come to my cabin for the week end. Everyone except me drank coffee and they loved it. After coffee and breakfast, I went down to my bedroom to get changed into my swim suit. Swimming at my cabin is probably the most fun thing for me to do at my cabin. The water is nice and cool but not too cold. When I dove into the water I felt the world freeze for a second and then snap back to reality as I broke the surface of the water. I climbed out of the lake from the slipper latter then walked over to my towel to dry myself off. It was around 12 twelve o’clock and I made my way back up to the cabin for Lunch, for lunch we had macaroni and cheese with grilled cheese sandwiches. My grandma knows how to make the best type of grilled cheese sandwiches with pickles. After lunch I made my way to my bedroom when my grandpa intercepted my course. He said “Hey, Oscar want to learn how to make a fire to cook food on?” Of course I wanted to learn how, how could I refuse an opportunity like that? “Sure” I said “I will be right down there” I yelled as I walked into my bedroom to get changed. I went down to the fire pit and he said “make sure that you have every you need” I said “ok” as I walked over to the log pile to grab the wood and kindling. He already had paper and I lighter. “Build a strong base so that you can support the fire, a courageous beast that consumes all” He said pointing at the bottom of the fire. I Placed the kindling in a box like formation so that it could stay standing up for a while. The I put the logs in after. My grandpa leaned in to start the fire with the lighter. As he did the wood burst into flames almost immediately. “The fire will burn for as long as you support it” he said with a quiet voice. I watched the fire for a good hour after my grandpa had walked back up to the cabin. I was left thinking about what my grandpa had said. “The fire will burn for as long as you support it” I thought to myself. I will never forget it for as long as I live.

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Maintaining Culture In Canada

When people immigrate from different countries from around the world, they are making sacrifices. They are losing there families there home and sometimes there memories. One way that people make sure that there religions and cultures stay strong is they keep records of there past such as photos or videos. I know that in aboriginal cultures, the elders will pass on there religions with story telling and songs.

Some aboriginal people might be discouraged to come over to a different country becalms of how they were treated in the past by Canada. Aboriginal people were forced into a new belief system that was considered “White”


Where as some people who come over to Canada could benefit from moving to Canada. Since North American countries have such powerful media influences that could mean that people who were willing to try and expand there culture they could do so by our large media population.

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