RAC- Volunteering My Time

For my Rac, I chose to address¬†someone by their name when I started talking to them. For example, when I woke up in the morning I said hey Jamie. The look on Jamie’s face showed that they seemed happy that someone used their name up front directly at them. It showed me that people take comfort in hearing their own name and it really makes the person feel happy. I felt way more confident in my communication skills and it made me feel like I was being very polite. When I started saying it more my cousin said that they noticed that they felt happier when I used their name they said they¬†felt important and they started using it more as they wanted to try it out as well. Using peoples names before you introduce yourself could be very useful even when you are not trying to start a conversation. If you use someone’s name at a job interview or at a professional occasion it could show that you are a very mature person and want to set a good impression.

I really enjoyed this RAC and I think that I will start using it way more often throughout my day to day life.