Aboriginal short story

Learning to create a fire with my grandpa. The cool wind blows in the coastal town of Port Alberni. The sun was setting, it created a somber mood with a hint of hope for the next day. The sun set very quickly as we watched it fall below the lake we felt the people in the cabin slowly drift off to bed. I could sleep that night, I was tossing and turning all night thinking about what the next was to come for me. Early the next morning my little cousin woke me up at 7:10 in the morning! I was a bit groggy to get up, but once I was awake I slowly started to feel the flow of the day. “Good morning!” My grandpa bellowed as I wobbled into the kitchen, he always had a loud voice that woke everyone up. I struggled to keep a smile in but it slipped out. He had already started making coffee, but I wasn’t really a fan of it. “Come one, come all!” My grandpa bellowed again. At my cabin there is usually a lot of people that come to my cabin for the week end. Everyone except me drank coffee and they loved it. After coffee and breakfast, I went down to my bedroom to get changed into my swim suit. Swimming at my cabin is probably the most fun thing for me to do at my cabin. The water is nice and cool but not too cold. When I dove into the water I felt the world freeze for a second and then snap back to reality as I broke the surface of the water. I climbed out of the lake from the slipper latter then walked over to my towel to dry myself off. It was around 12 twelve o’clock and I made my way back up to the cabin for Lunch, for lunch we had macaroni and cheese with grilled cheese sandwiches. My grandma knows how to make the best type of grilled cheese sandwiches with pickles. After lunch I made my way to my bedroom when my grandpa intercepted my course. He said “Hey, Oscar want to learn how to make a fire to cook food on?” Of course I wanted to learn how, how could I refuse an opportunity like that? “Sure” I said “I will be right down there” I yelled as I walked into my bedroom to get changed. I went down to the fire pit and he said “make sure that you have every you need” I said “ok” as I walked over to the log pile to grab the wood and kindling. He already had paper and I lighter. “Build a strong base so that you can support the fire, a courageous beast that consumes all” He said pointing at the bottom of the fire. I Placed the kindling in a box like formation so that it could stay standing up for a while. The I put the logs in after. My grandpa leaned in to start the fire with the lighter. As he did the wood burst into flames almost immediately. “The fire will burn for as long as you support it” he said with a quiet voice. I watched the fire for a good hour after my grandpa had walked back up to the cabin. I was left thinking about what my grandpa had said. “The fire will burn for as long as you support it” I thought to myself. I will never forget it for as long as I live.

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