Parody Song: “Pas de Drogues”

Here is my parody of “Gucci Gang” by Lil Pump that I did with Marcus and Kellen. The song is called Pas de Drogues and it is an anthem of why everyone should stay away from drugs and some of the consequences. Here is my…

Les Réportages de la Révolution

Here is my project for Social Studies 9 about the escape and execution of Louis XVI. I did this project with Amanta, Helia and Lucy.  

Stop Motion – “Megs First Day”

Here’s Kiara, Sophia, Kianna and I’s stop motion project about Megs First Day. We all worked really hard on this project, especially with post-production. I contributed scenes, lego, editing, directing, a camera and everything else except for narration. We hope you enjoy this.

The Sea Devil Questions and Vocabulary

Questions: The man enjoyed fishing at night because he liked its solitude and work. He would have been more likely to see the Ray if it were to be the day. He’s not fishing for a living. He’s fishing because it puts him in a…