Pre-Calc 11 – Week 7 –

For this chapter in math, I have struggled. However, I learned a trick that can help make long factoring questions faster and more clear.

For these types of questions, you can substitute what’s in the brackets on both sides for a variable. If they are both the same then you can make the the same variable (a) and if they are both different you can make them different variables (a and b). After, you re-write the equation with the variables in place of what was in the brackets. After this, you can factor it. In this equation, the root of 49 is 7, so you write 7 on both sides of the equation, since the variables are squared you put an “a” next to the 7. Next, you root 9, which is three. Since three is negative, one three on a side will be negative, and the other three will be positive in the other brackets. You would do that same as the “a” and put the “b” variable next to both threes. Once youo do this, you re-write the equation replacing what the variables where for what was originally in the brackets. After, you factor what your equation is. You would factor the number that is in front of the brackets to the brackets in front of it. After you so this, you are left with your answer.

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