Engineering Brightness Proposal

I think that the Skype call went well. Althought I wasn’t there for the call with the Dominican Republic, when I watched the vedio, I saw that the questions and the communacation between our class and the Dominican Republic as well as the connection was very smooth and clear. The questions where thourough and respectful, while also helping us explore new boundries of where we could take our projects to, to create an even wider spectrum of ideas for our project. I also think that the skype call with New Brunswick went well. I think that with this skype call we where able to take the ideas that we had gotten from the previous skype call, and take them to a more realisitc level, because we where able to then ask our questions, and be able to collect more information on hw we could create these lights, while also getting an idea of how other schools are creating thier lights and what they are thinking about doing to give us even more of an idea of what we could be able to achieve at our level of understanding. I think that with both skype calls we where able to make very resouceful connections with people that could have possibly not had the chance to communicate with prior to this occasion, and we would not ave the ideas that we have come to think of now.


So far as a class, we have talked to multiple people, as I have mentioned prior, from the Dominican Republic and New Brunswick. Specifically, Eladio and Dennis, Ian Fogarty, and multiple students from both skype calls. In our groups we have all come up with different ideas, some that interrested our gruop where to be able to create something solar powered, hand powered or by motion, so to basically create a more accesable and efficient light and power source for the Dominican Republic. So to have the skype call with New Brunswick was helpful for this reason espicially because, we were able to communicate with other students who are creating the same project as we are, so it did help to broaden what we have already planned to do into bigger areas, to create the best project that we can. I felt that this was overall a good expirence and where both very helpful sources to us, as we would probably have come out with different results without this communication that where not as good as the ones that we have currently come up with. We have also very helpful connections with who we would probably not have had the chane to communicate with prior to these experiences.


Some of my group’s general ideas to help to create light sources to the Dominican Republic, would be to create a light that uses solar technology to a light source that is powered by your body, or even by motion, as I mentioned before. We want our idea to be realistic enough that it would be achievable for us to create, but still push ourselves out of our comfort zone enough as well, so that it pushes us to create the best final product that we can create, to come to an end result with something that coud be used eventually to create a difference in the lighting situation that is currently happening to the Dominican Republic. So far to help achieve our goal, our group has decided to create smaller goals to make it more possible for us to eventually achieve our end goall, of which I mentioned before. To do this, one of our goals, would be for Kaleb to start creating a model of our light source in his Industry and Design 10 course, to give us an idea of what it would look like. We could get heelp from outside sources of the school, with the connections that we have made from the skype calls, or even with a new source.

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  1. Mr. Robinson
    December 13, 2016 at 10:13 pm (4 years ago)

    I love how you talk about “exploring new boundaries” and pushing “ourselves out of our comfort zone” in this post. Keep pressing into these ideas. Also, make sure that you get lots of pictures from Kaleb as he designs this new light. Keep developing what your part is in all of this.

  2. ghazalh2016
    December 14, 2016 at 7:00 pm (4 years ago)

    Your blog post is very interesting and full of detail. I think that the idea you and your group have made is very creative and exciting to see once its done. I hope that your group can achieve your goal(s).


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