Obsessive Love – Poem

Obsessive Love

I’m a lunatic            (1)

A lover I am.            (2)

I fall too hard to      (3)

get back up again.  (4)


If one’s head was an     (5)

ass, I would not leave.   (6)

As i love you more          (7)

I overachieve.                  (8)


I’m an animal                   (9)

anxiously approach.       (10)

The apple of your            (11)

eye, is that myself?          (12)


I do indeed fear                 (13)

the disapproval                   (14)

of your pounding chest.    (15)

As I love you most.              (16)


Although I love those        (17)

who can’t love me back     (18)

I just want to be                  (19)

alone together.                   (20)


No matter how much        (21)

you say we can’t be,           (22)

I will still love you.               (23)

As love gives me hope.       (24)


In Olivia Colombo’s syllabic verse poem “obsessive love” she seems to go into the inquiry question of when we are in times of trouble, what gives us hope? The writer of the poem seems to be by someone who is love crazed. Throughout the poem there are many references to Shakespeare’s play Midsummer Night’s Dream. Right away (1&2) “I’m a lunatic a lover I am” are taken from at the end of the play when Theseus states “The lunatic, the lover, and the poet are of imagination all compact.” This seems to mean that the voice of the poem has admitted that they are way to far in the intangible. (5) “if one’s head was an ass” Bottoms head was turned to an asses in the play. This also connects to (11&12) “the apple of your eye,” This is Oberon orders puck to put the potion made form the flower struck by cupids bow onto the eyelids of the sleeping victims, and to let it sink into the apple of their eye. Then once they awake they will fall in love with the first creature their eyes lay on. An ass’s head was one of the creatures that one of the victims fell for. The voice in this poem is saying they wouldn’t need a potion to fall their lover even if they were a beast.

Sugar Detectives

coke kids- 28g

small- 40g

medium- 57g

large- 80g

Gatorade- 21g

Can of Coke- 39g

fruit by the foot- 6 grams

Hershey chocolate bar- 19g

junior chicken- 5g

large iced cap- 62g

i never realized how much sugar are really in the drink we have. personally its rare ill drink anything other than water so if i were to look at the sugar intake i have from what i drink i wouldn’t be too stressed. although iced caps are my favourite drink i will now make sure that i wont be getting the large.

fast food analysis

McDonald’s french fries (100 g)  – 323 calories, 15.59 g fat, 2.23 sat. fat, 42.58 g carbohydrates, 0.21 g sugar, 3.9 g fiber, 189 mL sodium / alternative: baking french fries at home in the oven (100 g) – 98 calories, 0.15 fat, 0.03 sat.fat, 19.95 carbohydrates, 1.43 g sugar, 1.9 g fiber, 12 mg sodium

WENDY’S · DAVE’S Hot ‘N Juicy 1/4 LB · single (100 g) – 268 calories, 15.8 g fat, 5.75 g sat. fat, 17.73 g carbohydrates, 4.5 g sugar, 1.1 g fiber, 473 mL sodium  / alternative: make a burger at home (100 g) – 235 calories, 12.54 g fat, 5.11 g sat, fat, 10.19 carbohydrates, 2.14 g sugar 0.7 g fiber, 243 mg sodium.

BURGER KING · Chicken Strips (100 g) – 292 calories, 15.25 g fat, 2.69 sat. fat, 20.49 g carbohydrates, 0 g sugar, 1.3 g fiber, 859 mg / alternative: at home chicken strips (100 g) – 97 calories, 2.27 g fat, 0.87 g sat. fat, 1.5 carbohydrates, 0.97 g sugar, 0.3 g fiber, 82 mg sodium


The Great Chili Cook Off

during this lab i used to core competencies of Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking and Communication

On the first day we were told that we needed to find a recipe to use. and i thought that it would be super easy but we didn’t figure out a recipe until the last minute. we found a recipe we thought we liked and looked like it could simply be made in the time span that we had been given. we added some of our own ingredients and hoped for the best. when it was time to start prepping we were very efficient. every one was always busy with a job to do. as we went along we tasted it and kept adding different spices. throughout the process we would talk and ask each other for their opinions of the taste to see if any new flavours needed to be added. it was fun and we all really enjoyed ourselves. it was a far less stressful then what i thought it would have been. when judgement day came our chili was still full of liquids that we didn’t want. but we over came that and added cornstarch to thicken our mixture. we made sure the presentation looked nice when it was served. and i can only hope to assume that since we didn’t get first, we hopefully came in second.

Crack Will Kill Me

read essay here

Although i am at a young age I’ve seen people i know, including friends go through addiction and alcoholism. when someone tries to end an addiction, they are told to find a new hobby. and he dealt with his addiction by preforming an art. in the essay he talked about sneaking in beer before performances. this just shows how far an addict would go, he is breaking rules just to get his fix and get through the day. he says he watched his city and himself change as drugs got introduced. and as I’ve been aging I’ve watched people i used to call my friends get into these habits and how they’ve changed from bright, gleeful souls to addicts waiting for their next fix to satisfy the zombie brain they have inhabited. he is nearing what could be the end of his life and hes realized that crack will kill him and he’s let this drug waste away.

Biotechnology Solution Fluency

The ethical dilemma of designer babies | Paul Knoepfler

Ethics and Biotechnology Template


designer baby alert:

to be able to decide the sex of your own child it would be a costly $2,500. researchers at the university of Illinois surveyed people to ask them what they think about this. 8% of people say they would do it asap no matter the cost. 12% said they would if they could walk into their doctors office and get it done, also having it covered by insurance. 18% would if it was as easy as taking a pink or blue pill. 59% wouldn’t use it at all. 22% were undecided.

Designer babies

since 1990 they have been using gene therapy to insert healthy cells into an organ of a patient with genetic diseases. they then thought maybe they could put these cells into an egg or sperm and they ask permission from the government to start these experiments. they were forced to vow to never alter an egg or sperm. but that was almost 3 decades ago and now they can add healthy cells to an embryo to stop the child form inheriting a deadly genetic disease. a lot of scientists are against it, although they may be able to take the threat of Alzheimer’s or breast cancer away from a family. soon there may be a time where only wealthy family are able to make their child beautiful, intelligent and athletic.

How Are Designer Babies Made And What Are Its Pros And Cons?

a designer baby is created through genetic screening/modification. it involves transferring genes to makeup genetic opportunities. most parents do this to avoid genetic/common diseases. 1/10 people do it to “improve” the height of their child. people think it will make their baby immortal. in India, China and the UK GM babies are banned. the procedure is 100% safe but its still going through experiments and testing. if done incorrectly the baby may die. a lot of parents want to change physical features about the child. its said that designer babies may create a gap in society. of the UnGm and GM then the poor and rich. GM babies will over all be better then non-GM so GM babies may be very narcissistic and will know they are better. looks, intelligence, gender, physical appearance, personality and health are the most common thing to be GM. Pro’s of Gm babies. 1. life expectancy is longer. 2. genetic/inherited diseases can be killed 3. helps out scientists learn more in this subject 4. the child will have a over positive influence with this. 5. you as the parent decide what gets to be altered. Cons. 1. the ethical and moral aspects of it 2.babies rights are violated 3. its not an error free process 4. creates a gap in society 5. the child’s personality may be altered

Solution Fluency Presentation


over all i believe that i did very well with this presentation i did everything on the presentation up to the risks and consequences. this was very interesting and i enjoyed learning about designer babies. i hope in the future that it will become more common in the way of helping end genetic and inherited diseases.


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