Holocaust reflection

1) How did the Holocaust happen?

In 1933, Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany when he began making changes to the race if Germany. He believed in the ultimate Aryan race, excluding Jews, religion, homosexuals and the disabled. He began his extermination of the Jews by setting up torturous concentration camps in which the Nazi gassed and persecuted millions of lives. The final solution was Hitlers plan to murder and exterminate the entire Jewish population in Germany.

2) How did individuals geographic location, group or WW2 events impact ones experience?

Holocaust affected many Jews in Europe, Jews in other continents of the world were not persecuted by the genocide, in fact many countries outside of Central Europe wouldn’t believe the damage that Hitler had done, they were at a loss for words when they were faced with the results of the Holocaust. The polish were severely affected, they were made to let the Nazi set up concentration camps in various areas of Poland and were deported from their home land once declared Jewish. Anyone who was not an Allie of Hitler was bound to be faced with the Nazi.

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