Political Ideologies Response

1)share some details about what you learned about your ideology?

I’ve read previously the communist manifesto which was my ideology so I already knew an adequate amount going into this activity but I learned how to apply what I read written down and think about how those ideas could be applied to real life situations.

2)Discuss some of the ideas your group came up with?

We decided to take a very inclusive approach when coming up with ideas to solve the issues we faced during the debate, we had the goal of appealing in mind and the whole idea of seeming some what the most realistic ideology because in the past its been said how unrealistic communism seemed even from the start, the manifesto.

3)What did you find interesting about the activity?

The most interesting thing was probably just learning more about the other ideologies, specifically fascism and socialism. I already knew a sufficient amount for the rest but I find philosophy a really interesting topic and I wish we went further into detail about the result when it was applied to real countries throughout history.

4)What did you find challenging about it?

I found that coming up with ideas about how our ideology would solve certain issues was the most challenging because Marx didn’t actually ever talk about a state or a higher power in charge, so it was difficult to imagine there being a government which obviously wouldn’t have been very realistic, but the general problem solving and approach, I found was the most difficult. Communism is a very vague topic when learning through the internet, I think I would have had a much much harder time if I hadn’t read the manifesto.

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