Questions :

1) Did this have a big impact on the war?  On Canada and our reputation?  Why or why not?

The significance to the 2nd world war was the fact that the battle of Berlin was the last major battle in Europe before the end of World War 2. This battle resulted in the surrender of Adolf Hitler, when he committed suicide in his Berlin bunker before the America troops could capture him. The end of this battle as well as the end of World War 2 helped Canada`s reputation as it was the Canadian and American troops that rescued many of the prisoners of concentration camps and essentially cleaned up the mess that Hitler and the Nazi had made. This made the world see Canada as kind and helpful.

2) How many people were impacted?

In total approximately 1,423,745 were either killed, went missing or were injured in any way. The prisoners of the concentration camps were also affected as some had been rescued.

3) How long did the battle last?  Was the duration important?  Does it make us remember it differently?

April 16th – May 2nd 1945. The duration is important in the sense that we are able to observe how short it was, considering many other battles during both of the World Wars. It makes us remember it differently not because of the length but perhaps because of the significance.

4) Did this battle teach us anything important about WW2?  What lesson is there to be learned?

This was the final battle that ended World War 2 in a way, other than the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but this was the last major battle. The lesson to be learned is that even something that is considered to be a short battle can have extreme significance, so the length although important, not entirely a way to measure significance.

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