Infrographic On The Second Battle Of Ypres

Interpreting Historical Significance:

  1. The second battle of Ypres was the very first major battle that Canadian troops had to fight, they were holding a front line in the small town of Ypres Belgium, fighting hard against the German offensive. This was the very first large battle that Canada was involved in so it determined a lot of the reputation, looking back people acknowledge the Canadian troops as determined and courageous from their performance in this battle.
  2. The Battle sort of took place in a small town, and so there wasn’t many townspeople affected but the amount of casualties is very large, all together we are looking at about 104, 208 and among them many deaths and very serious injuries, mental  injuries as well as physical ones. For some, the battle altered their lives and outlook for the troops who managed to survive.
  3. The battle was about a month long, the rather short length 0f it doesn’t seem to have much impact on how heavy people perceive the damage. People still have sympathy for those who lost their lives and they still sing the poem for Flanders field, every remembrance day. I think that any battle is looked at as a very similar thing to the other battles, perhaps the extensively long ones are seen quite a bit differently.
  4. It was the beginning of trench warfare as well as chemical warfare, the Germans were very fixated on using gas chemicals to wipe out the enemy which as we know, was something they continued to use almost 20 years later for the holocaust. As we know how many Jewish people were killed from the gasses, it seemed like a rather popular weapon for the Germans, and it all originated during this battle, a deadly weapon used far after the battle of Ypres has ended.


Second Ypres


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