Canada`s Role in International Events.

Holocaust / Hitler

  • in 1933 Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany.


  • His party, the Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party, were his followers.


  • Hitler led the Nazi, as well as the SS and the Gestapo which was his secret police force.


  • The SS headed out on November 9th 1938 for what was later called the “Crystal Night” or also known as the “Night Of The Broken Glass” and they broke windows and destroyed homes and Jewish owned shops.


  • Hitler`s ultimate goal was to cleanse the German race, and make it Aryan, his first step of action was to exterminate Jewish people by forcing them into Concentration camps and then slowly murdering them in various ways, gassing and torturing. Hitler also wanted to exterminate anyone with disabilities and impairments. He did not want to allow deaf or blind or people with drinking problems to reproduce.


  • Auschwitz, was the largest concentration camp, it later broke into many multiple camps, this was the camp that had the most people murdered in it.


  • There were people known as the “Rescuers” who were non Jewish but worked hard to support and help the Jewish people. One in particular was a woman who was supposed to conduct dangerous experiments on the Jewish prisoner but instead she wouldn’t conform to the requests and she would help, a famous quote by her was “Here we are all condemned to death, let us behave like human beings as long as we are alive”.


  • There was a quote that was carved into a cell in one of the camps that read “If there is a god he will have to beg for my forgiveness”.


  • World war 2 ended in 1945, when Hitler shot himself in a bunker that he was hiding in, the Nazi children were poisoned and many Nazi soldiers fled the country, the Americans came in and tried rescuing as many Jewish prisoners as possible.

Canada was very uninvolved in these and remained outside of the conflict. I think that if Canada tried harder and maybe worked with the American soldiers than Holocaust could have been resolved much sooner, and with finances and enough medical support, we could have saved many more malnourished and suffering, tortured Jewish prisoners because even when all was being done, many still died. We could have provided more support and help to the broken Germany that the war left behind, conquering any remaining Nazi would have also been a lot simpler if we had more people. Many things could have gone better but many people had to suffer because there wasn’t enough help, money, professionals and other factors that would have saved thousands of lives that were lost even after Hitler had died. Canada stayed out of the conflict probably because they didn’t want to get involved and get their own soldiers and nation hurt or have any casualties. I believe Canada could have done more.

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