Multiculturalism in Canada

Maintaining Culture in Canada:

A large part of maintaining ones culture is through the language spoken by the nation. Coming to Canada many immigrants speak their “mother tongue” and refuse to speak English in their households. Some families fade from their language and adopt speaking English to their children and in their homes. The exposure that one has to their language or culture outside of their home/family plays a major role in keeping that identity. For example, a child from china who is taught Chinese at home and goes to school and is able to make other Chinese speaking and cultured friends, will be more likely to keep his heritage rather than a child from a smaller and less populated country in Europe. This is because one child is constantly reminded and is building connections with other people of his culture while the other needs to make a much larger effort to maintain their culture. Parents tend to make it a rule in the house to only speak the “mother tongue” and not English. Or parents keep traditions, holidays and religion from their home countries and teaching the children their ways to preserve their cultural identity. Many parents go to lengths to maintain the culture in their future generations.

Discouraging Multiculturalism in Canada:

Hate crimes against Muslim-Canadians more than doubled in 3 years

The raising statistics in hate crimes, specifically aimed at Muslims have been growing at rapid rates. Many cultures fear their safety in certain areas of Canada or during certain events. The government has been doing a good job to avoid systematic oppression or prejudice but the citizens themselves have not always been so supportive. Seeing such violent occurrences happen to people of your culture can be frightening to see and could instigate a response of ending certain traditions or not following certain rules of religion due to fear of what may happen if they do. The appearance of someone is enough to scream that they are from a different culture, at times like these, many people find it wise to hide their culture and beliefs in order to feel safe and to be treated fairly; to have the same job opportunities and education options as others. Hate crimes and racist/prejudiced acts are the leading discouragement for displaying cultures in Canada.

Is Canada a Multicultural Country?

Yes, I think that Canada very much so is an inclusive as well as accepting country. The government does a good job of preserving equal rights amongst all immigrants and citizens of Canada. And generally Canadians tend to be careful and sympathetic when hearing about hate crimes and discriminatory acts. Canada tries really hard to provide a safe home for immigrants that need it and for people wishing to pursue a life in this country, all in all the country believes in equal rights and immigrants preserving their cultures.

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